Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Liar, Liar.

Well, although I did say that I only had enough time to post things like this on weekends, well, I LIED! Sorry readers, but today was a slower day for me. Well, what I meant was that I am lacking homework to fill the empty void I call my LIFE. So I guess I'm going to post about some other people with extremely devoid lives (I mean, HELLO, stop hacking people and do something productive!), to fill up my life. Sound good? Good. So I neglected to mention I boarded a plane to a popular place.. it's called Pervert City. You know the phrase, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" WELL, what happens and Pervert City DOES NOT, in fact, stay in Pervert City. I have eyes and ears everywhere, and I'm about to dish. Oh, does it sound like gossip to you? I hope it turns you on to my writing and maybe in the midst of all this you can find some nightly entertainment.

Awh. Online love. How it blossoms. How it never happens. How one person always ends up dead and the other in jail. Get my drift? It never works out. So people, get it into you miniscule little heads, no sense of trying. I guess you're so ugly you can't show your face to real girls. Duuh.

So mr ghghghghgh3 or whatever is harassing this perfectly lovely girl DearLadyJane. Why, I imagine, is beyond reasoning. I can't even bring myself to understand the slightest bit of how these perverts act this way. Honestly. Find someone real. And Jesus, do you want to get deleted on Stardoll? 'Cause you're just asking for negative support.

Goooo DearLadyJane, go girl power! Yeah, I am going all cheerleader on you. Got a problem wiff that? I have nothing against doing a good cheer powow now and then. But however, I find the best response to these pervs is just to ignore and block them. Foh reall.

And I was going to save you for my Saturday night posting until you decided to comment in my guestbook all about what you're going to do to my sweet little dolly. Nicee try. Oh, and did I mention I have a boyfriend? Yeahh, I need congratulations, it sounds delicious in my ears. Keenan and I are like inseperablee. Stick like glue. <3 So that makes me happy. And my life is close to complete.

So sayonora, suckers, and readers! I'm going to go to bed now!


  1. Umm...maybe you shouldn't have written 'I'm going to go to bed now' in this particular post....but never minds, lol ;) I always spot things like that out :P
    Anyways, like the posts, very funny lmao :) I hate pervs too, it gets on my nerves when I go in sumones Guestbook and all thats written there is 'Hey gorgeous!' or 'Wanna go out?' or mostly a LOT more than that, but u get the point heehee :D
    I'm also noticin' a lotta weird presentations, with the words like 'PENIS' written all over em :( Gross i know, but some people just don't know what Stardolls about lately :|

  2. MrJBond007 is DearLadyJane's boyfriend in real life!!! no lie I am, indeed, her best friend KayStangRingo. Please tell these people that he is not a creeper.

  3. um actually the first dude is her bf in real life i know dat ur busy in real life but woyld u please correct it and delete dis part now Jane hates this blog

  4. Jane Astor Carson16 October 2010 at 07:00

    Peter is my fiance! Sissy fag! Take that down now!