Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Scammer and I

Infamous. It's a word I hate to use when describing well-known thieves, liars, hackers, scammers, cheats, and wrong-doers. That word, although used with a negative connotation, seems to grow a person's fame tenfold. While fame can spread awareness, such as with Joseph Kony, it can also contribute size to the growing ego of the criminal whose name is being spread. If a criminal's main objective is to gain popularity through their stunts, any mention of their name will only spur them on. If we keep talking, they'll keep upping the anti.

But you see, I've found a way around all of this.
I will admit the person I will be talking about is infamous around Stardoll.
What I won't do is call this person by his first name. He will be referred to only as 'Charlatan'.
 And with that, I shall begin retelling the story of how I got involved with this infamous Stardollian in the first place.

The first encounter I had with Charlatan occurred on a normal overcast mid-winter day. As usual, I was sitting with my computer in my lap, mindlessly roaming around Stardoll. My day took a turn for the worse when pinksunmoon5555 (now deleted) sent me a message over chat. I was asked if I wanted to buy an account. My choices were FabianTheGreat, 18.12, or Charlatan's main account, pinksunmoon5555. {This is the moment when red flags should have gone up, for several reasons, including: 1. I had no knowledge of how this person got added onto my friends list. 2. I had no knowledge of the safety of this person when conducting deals.} I clearly had doubts that I made known to Charlatan, but he was a very persuasive young man. I decided it couldn't hurt to check out the accounts. 

My desire to hoard accounts with large amounts of Starpoints and release the hidden potential in them drove the sale of this account. Charlatan caught onto this desire and mentioned buzz words such as 'good value' and 'highly desirable account' to convince me to fork over my MK Purple Dress and MK stay-ups. I realize that Charlatan not only had the intentions to scam me, but had the gumption to scam me out of twice what the account was actually worth. In order to ensure that I didn't have enough time to logically think this deal through, Charlatan rushed me along quite a bit. {This is another moment when a red flag should have been raised all the way up a flag pole in my mind. Rushing a buyer, especially in a serious transaction such as the purchase of an account, is one of the tactics that experienced scammers use as part of their trickery.} He, Charlatan, also showed me a list of references on a blog from one of his previous accounts, mizzmileycyrus9. {For any Stardollian up to date on gossip, this name would mean something. I had just returned from a hiatus, so this name wouldn't have raised any red flags had he told me exactly which account the references were associated with. Knowing the vicious past of mizzmileycyrus9 now, I would stay as far away from Charlatan as the limits of Dollywood would allow me to.}

 I am now on this list of references. I want to let you all know that I am in no way a reference for Charlatan or any of the accounts he is associated with. I did end up getting the account (through a turn of events which I will explain later in the post), but he is not a safe trader and admitted to having every intention of scamming me on multiple occasions. Let this post chock full of proof be the final nail in Charlatan's coffin; Charlatan is not to be trusted. 

And since you all probably know who Charlatan is by now, I will reveal his name to solidify the end to his reign of terror. The Charlatan I've been mentioning is Reece. 


At the time, I was involved in a deal with a girl who occasionally talked to Reece. She knew he had the intention to scam someone using his accounts (FabianTheGreat, pinksunmoon5555, & 18.12). He informed her of how the deal was shaping up as it was happening. She squeezed the name of the victim out of him and found out it was me he was planning to scam. She advocated for me and convinced him to give me the account (18.12) that I had paid for. Since all 3 of us had Skype accounts, she added me to the conversation she was having with Reece. Here are some print screens of the conversation we had. 
(WARNING: Explicit language is used in the texts shown in these print screens.)

During this conversation, Reece was planning one of his scams, targeting the owner of 22butterfly22. Reece was going to cheat the former owner out of the money he owed for the account. Reece ended up playing fair, shelling out the money, since Ashley backed out of the scheme. I convinced Ashley while this was going on to back out and do the right thing. Crisis avoided, huh? The rest of the conversation is pretty self-explanatory--Ashley and I convinced Reece to play fair and give me the account 18.12. It is now in my possession. 
(NOTE: Some snippets of the conversation (last names, personal stories) were removed.) 

That is the full story of how I got involved with the 'Charlatan of the hour.'
Stay tuned for some more exciting posts like this one--I haven't even begun to spill my guts! 

Until next time, 
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Back! ☺

So for me being so M.I.A recently xxx So much school work :/

Anyway i have some lovely jubly pics for ya x

 Well this is just lovely right? Well i would really appriciate if you wore some clothes lol (Sorry if i spelt something wrong so tired)
And now i know exactly what you are thinking , Why have i posted just a load of links? Well i checked these out before posting and well, they are quite the rudeness people on stardoll dont quite expect. These links show 2 photos of naked women and 2 photos of the japaneses drawing form of Anime, These are also of girls one partily naked the other a man and women showing well rude things. I also have reason to believe that this account was hacked:

 This picture shows the proof i have found, Add me if you would like to know the name of the person to report x . This is for safety reasons

Monday, 19 March 2012

New random stuff!

Ellooo my lovely dollies!
How are we all?
im sooooooo completely sorry i havent posted, i assumed some of the writers had, but i guess we r all as busy as each other! lol But anyway i have a few bits n bobs that have been lovingly posted into my guestbook lol ....

Lol sooo many people on sd and im convinced 95% of them have skipped past loony town and have set up camp in crazyville! haha