Sunday, 25 March 2012

Back! ☺

So for me being so M.I.A recently xxx So much school work :/

Anyway i have some lovely jubly pics for ya x

 Well this is just lovely right? Well i would really appriciate if you wore some clothes lol (Sorry if i spelt something wrong so tired)
And now i know exactly what you are thinking , Why have i posted just a load of links? Well i checked these out before posting and well, they are quite the rudeness people on stardoll dont quite expect. These links show 2 photos of naked women and 2 photos of the japaneses drawing form of Anime, These are also of girls one partily naked the other a man and women showing well rude things. I also have reason to believe that this account was hacked:

 This picture shows the proof i have found, Add me if you would like to know the name of the person to report x . This is for safety reasons


  1. Haha woah......a royalty is a freak?i mean this freak is royalty!?come on...most of the creepers are non ss while this one is soooooooo royalty¡!!!!!!!!!!

  2. whats your stardoll name mines hotchickmiss