Friday, 20 April 2012

There are Two Sides to Every Story

Hi everyone!
As you might've seen, I wrote a post about a week ago about a hacking circle that appeared right before FashionClub was deleted.
The story, however, does not end there.
As always, there are two sides to every story, and the other one turned up just a few minutes in my Guestbook, via one of Ruby's accounts.

Apparently, the picture that Liz painted us of Ruby is a counterfeit, not the original piece.
With all the support that Ruby got from these fellow FC'ers, it wouldn't come as a surprise that Ruby was innocent after all.

After looking through all the old print screens from that night, I even found this piece of evidence supporting Ruby.

Liz rebutted with this statement, but with no one from the topic on her side, this picture is gaining more grey area than just black and white.

Now that all of the evidence has been brought to the table, you decide for yourself who the real victim is.

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The FashionClub Hacking Circle

Hello there, guys and dollies!
I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter.
Just because it's the day after Easter, though, it doesn't mean hackers still aren't on the prowl.

After having a nice long soak in the tub with my relaxation assistant, Mr. Rubber Ducky, I put my hair up in a big, fluffy towel and sat down at my computer to log into Making my daily rounds to FashionClub (Which is now my new club-home; I'm not club-homeless after OriginalClub's deletion--yay!), I came across this post on the topic entitled 'oooohhh ruby sold this account' made by ekaterinee.

Apparently, Ruby (rubydj, now deleted) sold the account ekaterinee to a Stardoll user by the name of Zeynep. After Zeynep paid for the account, Ruby tried to justify hacking the account back by making it sound like she would just pop onto it from time to time. Then Ruby deactivated the account to regain complete access to it, or managed to get it deleted. She then got it reactivated and supposedly gave the password to the person that is on the account now.

The girl that hacked ekaterinee away from our other hacker, rubydj, has been referred to as Liz by several FC'ers, depicted in the pictures below.

 The similarities in doll appearances are often legitimate ways to link accounts to certain people, as with Reece and his 'signature look'. It's probably likely that this 'Liz' who has gained access to the account ekaterinee is lizrocks8, a member of FashionClub whose account has been deleted.

After figuring out who is on ekaterinee, we can now turn our attention to the topic 'Liz Hacked Me Again' made by windowcleanerr.

It appears to be that windowcleanerr is also having some problems with Liz, lizrocks8, who is currently occupying the account ekaterinee. The events unfold further in the pictures below.

There is evidence of windowcleanerr being rubydj, shown in the indicated section of the image below.

In another part of this conversation, it's mentioned that Meeka, the former owner of windowcleanerr, gave a distressed Ruby the account after loosing ekaterinee from giving out the password. Fruitygirlxox, Tamika, isn't involved in this hacking circle.

If that isn't dramatic enough for you, this should spice things up. 

 Liz definitely dropped a bomb on Ruby with that comment.
That's probably why Ruby now has her presentation saved with this message written on it.

Ruby even went as far as to use the backup account (R____R) she made after being hacked to post this Guestbook message in ekaterinee's Guestbook.

Those two definitely have some problems to work out.
Jasmine.m. aka KeyBoardKitty might also have managed to land herself on Ruby's S-list...

I have a feeling that Ruby won't be getting ekaterinee back.
I also have a feeling that FashionClub will never be the same.

Oh well, we had a good run.
And anyway, how long did you expect FashionClub to stay intact with us OC'ers running ramped through it? ;D
I hope you enjoyed that post, and remember, never give out your passwords to anyone!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

UPDATE: Read the new post associated with this one here.