Friday, 20 April 2012

There are Two Sides to Every Story

Hi everyone!
As you might've seen, I wrote a post about a week ago about a hacking circle that appeared right before FashionClub was deleted.
The story, however, does not end there.
As always, there are two sides to every story, and the other one turned up just a few minutes in my Guestbook, via one of Ruby's accounts.

Apparently, the picture that Liz painted us of Ruby is a counterfeit, not the original piece.
With all the support that Ruby got from these fellow FC'ers, it wouldn't come as a surprise that Ruby was innocent after all.

After looking through all the old print screens from that night, I even found this piece of evidence supporting Ruby.

Liz rebutted with this statement, but with no one from the topic on her side, this picture is gaining more grey area than just black and white.

Now that all of the evidence has been brought to the table, you decide for yourself who the real victim is.

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. I love all your posts but wish their were posts more often on this blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I love all of your posts on BFM and I'm so happy to see you on ISD!
      I never knew you read the blog(:

      I'm working on it for sure, hahaa. I'm often very critical about my posts, and when I get sloppy sometimes I do make mistakes as far as grammar and the facts go. I always make sure to edit my work if I get anything wrong, and it rarely happens since I'm so critical! When I write my posts at 3 AM as I normally do, sometimes it's hard to get everything straight. There definitely is a lot of planning and putting in print screens to these posts. I need to learn to keep it simple!

      Thanks again for reading, can't wait to see more of your posts!