Wednesday, 29 December 2010

NEW SCAMMER.. Shameful.

Let's start off saying I'm angry. Spitting angry.

But at a particular person. Her username is DottyMusic.

Oh, have I got a story for you guys.

SCAMMER ALERT! I would trouble you with a polite greeting, but there is trouble. 

It seems a NEW scammer has appeared.. and her username is dottymusic. This is my side of the story, and I hope you listen to it fully and understand what has happened in this situation.  Kitypink11 and I were in the middle of a trade, my LE pom pom dress for her LE gathered ruffle dress and 333 stardollars. But when she put up her LE gathered ruffle, a scammer named DOTTYMUSIC bought it. We gave her a 48 hour ultimatum to return the dress.. But she decided to block us. We sent subtle reminders and told her of the consequences (of reporting and such) and she decided to over look this and block us! Now we do believe we may never get the dress back and finish our deal. This has never happened before to me, and we would appreciate some assistance (Kitypink11 and I).  

There is a blog; 
^If you could follow us, it'd be much appreciated. It would be a big step against dottymusic. 

Please, spam her guestbook, mail, everything! Spam her friend requests, let her know of her bad deed! Even if we don't get the dress back, atleast a scammer will be reprimanded.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked..

Happy holidays from the hackers and scammers of Stardoll! They are absolutely thrilled that you have given them a lovely holiday present- your accounts.

(click on this photo to enlarge to see)

You want to be a Stardoll employee? Guaranteed to take your account within 24 hours, 12 if you're superstar! Warning: You'll never get your account back. Great way to discard of it.

Pedophile Alert! Pedophile Alert! Pedophile Alert!

That's great. That's fantastic. I love those afros. Dammmn. JK.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Happy Holidays 2010!

Is it the holidays for you yet? Well if it's already past, happy belated holidays for you, if it's coming soon like it is for me (Christmas!)- but don't get too excited. Because the hackers of Stardoll have got a present for you too... So it's never too late to be cautious about the holidays, because hacks and scams run wild and rampant on holidays, and honestly, we don't have time to report any of them- because, well, we're on holiday too! So be careful, watch your back, and log off for a day or two and spend time with family and close friends, and some good food and entertainment of course! Have some fun in real life, and I'm sure you'll be refreshed and well prepared for the lovely (NOT!) coming year being ever so maticulous -snort- Stardoll.

I'll be off throwing snowballs at my cousins, skiing with the fam and best friends, or snuggling up with my boyfriend next to the fireplace -sigh-, so I wish you all a wonderful and great holiday season, because I'm sure we will meet soon, in the New Year!

Au revoir, Sierrrra/iswim19 (your favorite writer, don't deny it)
And visit me on Stardoll- I'll be sure to reply at the stroke of midnight on the New Year!<3

Sunday, 12 December 2010

What the feck is wrong with people (aliens) on stardoll??!?!

This is just wrong!!!!! Stardoll is meant to be a site about FASHION not LOONYS WITH TINY WINKIES trying to get their kicks!!!

The oldest trick in the book . .

When a friend sent me i was soooooooo suprised that she thinks this is gna work . . i have blanked her name as "technically" i suppose she isnt doing anything wrong but i mean come on . . i really hope no1 is stupid wnough to fall for this crap!

Well . .

Eloo gals well 1st sorry 4 not posting 4 sooo long! I honestly hadnt realised how long it has been! Sooo heres something to make ya . . laugh, cry, angry . . .
Well this 1 has got a seriously dirty mind! What can i say about this really???

Monday, 6 December 2010

New Hacker!

There's a new hacker on the loose, thanks Creina10. This time, it's all about the fake Stardoll scheme. Although it's been used (overstressed, more like) a lot of people still fall for this scam because it looks like the real Stardoll and, well, there's free involved! Nevertheless, don't let little girls play tricks fool you, this time by MissCharmer68, who is really looking to do some "charming" of her own.

Right now I am done with this BS from hackers. With -Pop_Tart-'s recent ridiculous hacking (click here to read all about it) and all of this Italian Mafia bull to say I am pretty fed up is quite an understatement, nevertheless, I will go on about how you can spot a fake Stardoll.

This is a screenshot from- guess what- the fake Stardoll provided from the link on Miss Charmer's presentation. Looks like the real thing, right? But there always are flaws in the picture. For example, look at the top of the window; it doesn't say First hint. Never log into Stardoll from a site like this, it goes for proxies too unless you get it from a very reliable blog/website. Notice that there isn't any dolls in the "Pick A Style" section, because it's an animation, it is encrypted by the real Stardoll and that is why the hacker does not have the technology to make an exact replica. And if you really need proof that it's fake you can screw with the creator and make a new account. It's quite fun, actually, I've done it a few times myself, although not for this specific site.

Go spam her wall, do whatever the hell you want to do to MissCharmer68.
Just remember, don't f--k with her too much or she might bite you back.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


So I was talking to my friend Jenny (bubblyminty) who just happens to work for Isabella.Arci and Noelle_Page's MDM (Memoires of A MeDoll) and I went and checked her guestbook. Looks like some jealous poser has decided to take up a fight with her and pose as Isabella, Noelle, and Lolita (Miss_LolitaF, who just happens to also work on MDM.)

Pretty funny, actually. Who believes you?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Some Hearts..

Well nice try but I ain't playing dumb dumb dumb with you. Nice try, it's part of the pathetic excuse you call your life, right? And don't bother going to this link.. You'll get hacked if you do.

Nice try but Stardoll doesn't give away free things.. ever. When I was young and stupid I tried different sites to get free Stardoll membership. The easiest way is to use credit card or whatever to buy your superstar membership (other ways are Pay By Cash, SMS, Wallie, and more) and for kids who don't have credit cards.. The easiest thing is Pay By Cash. Mail some of your $$ from (Christmas money, Hanukkah money? Hey, we know it's that season.) and you'll get superstar within a few days, but of course it depends on where you're mailing it from (right now, United States only for Pay By Cash).

Just some friendly advice from me, to you. Because it's that season.