Thursday, 16 December 2010

Happy Holidays 2010!

Is it the holidays for you yet? Well if it's already past, happy belated holidays for you, if it's coming soon like it is for me (Christmas!)- but don't get too excited. Because the hackers of Stardoll have got a present for you too... So it's never too late to be cautious about the holidays, because hacks and scams run wild and rampant on holidays, and honestly, we don't have time to report any of them- because, well, we're on holiday too! So be careful, watch your back, and log off for a day or two and spend time with family and close friends, and some good food and entertainment of course! Have some fun in real life, and I'm sure you'll be refreshed and well prepared for the lovely (NOT!) coming year being ever so maticulous -snort- Stardoll.

I'll be off throwing snowballs at my cousins, skiing with the fam and best friends, or snuggling up with my boyfriend next to the fireplace -sigh-, so I wish you all a wonderful and great holiday season, because I'm sure we will meet soon, in the New Year!

Au revoir, Sierrrra/iswim19 (your favorite writer, don't deny it)
And visit me on Stardoll- I'll be sure to reply at the stroke of midnight on the New Year!<3


  1. lucky you; I'm in australia, so the weather is always WAYY too hot at Christmas, nope - no white Christmas' for us :L

    i thought that this year our summer would be hot but so far its been a little crazy. one day its too hot to bear, the next it seems a little too cold (global warming?); apparently this December will be the wettest December- that's what its turning out to be :/

    haha; my holidays started last wednesday :D enjoy your holidays :)

  2. hy happy holidays too:X plz follow we need members thnx a lot xoxo

  3. There is this super disgusting girl called Big_ChestBabe on stardoll. She says she is giving boys free suite sessions. Ugh Gross!!