Thursday, 2 December 2010

Some Hearts..

Well nice try but I ain't playing dumb dumb dumb with you. Nice try, it's part of the pathetic excuse you call your life, right? And don't bother going to this link.. You'll get hacked if you do.

Nice try but Stardoll doesn't give away free things.. ever. When I was young and stupid I tried different sites to get free Stardoll membership. The easiest way is to use credit card or whatever to buy your superstar membership (other ways are Pay By Cash, SMS, Wallie, and more) and for kids who don't have credit cards.. The easiest thing is Pay By Cash. Mail some of your $$ from (Christmas money, Hanukkah money? Hey, we know it's that season.) and you'll get superstar within a few days, but of course it depends on where you're mailing it from (right now, United States only for Pay By Cash).

Just some friendly advice from me, to you. Because it's that season.


  1. Sonia_loveapple is a hacker.
    She hacked girly727 and keeps giving me fake passwords when i attempt to get my account back. Now I probably have like 3 stardollars when I had 100!!! Can make a post about getting your account back?

  2. If you didn't notice, it's actually a real website like MetaRL and Prizerebel where you have to di surverys. And also, your background music is annoying. We don't even know who sang it, and it just blast our speakers and burst out eardrums.

  3. misscarla90990 is a HUGE hacker on Stardoll.

    Read my blog

  4. I agree with Chara, I did go on it before, it is a real website.