Monday, 29 August 2011


You guys like my new banner? lol anyway, Miss Stardoll World is now here!!! how exiting! it's a lot different from last years, you now vote for others and everyone's going mad! broadcast, guestbook advertising, any advertising, its becoming a war to win now! What do you think of MSW? is it good? bad? Tell us your thoughts!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

An Unwanted Visitor.

Hello everyone. I have to admit, I haven't posted anything in a while. And I haven't got any excuse really. Just pure laziness. But then again I haven't got long left of my holidays, so I might as well enjoy it while I can. Anyway, here's a weirdo or two to keep you occupied;

That was a bit too detailed for my liking. Go share your disgusting ideas somewhere else, please.

What a lovely photo! I want that on my wall! Not. 

No, I'm not sucking anything that belongs to what looks like a 78 year old tranny. And one that can't spell.


I do have more, but I don't like to reveal all in one post, so you'll have to wait until next time. Muahahaha...
Loob3 :D x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Stardoll- Money, Money, Money

It just shows that stardoll only cares money

That is proof that stardoll just cares about money, you spending it and you buying it. And as they say;

Monday, 22 August 2011

Hey guys n dolls :D xoxo

Elllooo how are you all?
I am truely sorry 4 just dissappearing, i just got fed up with stardoll (im sure we can all admit its well rather dull lately) & i was considering leaving but well id miss ya all 2 much! Not so much all u nuttos tho lol So ur stuck with me! lol
As always a huge thanks 2 all the writers! Who i see have been keeping everyone going with regular updates on the weirdest n wackiest of stardoll! lol

But i have some bad news, as you all know i got a new laptop and moved all my pics u had all sent me of ur loons etc to my harddrive to then transfer to my new laptop, BUT me being me & having a slight problem with electrical items breaking when i touch them, i have blown up my harddrive with everything on it!!! I have lost ALL my music, films & tv series :( but i also lost every single picture from & for the blog!
SO if you sent me a pic, but i didnt get round to posting it, would you please if you have time send it again?? Thankyoo so much!

New Blogger Dashboard thingy

Ok so i recently found out there is a new blogger dashboard thingy, im sorry if you already know and have this then ignore the post but if you dont keep reading. I dont know how long ago this was but there is a new blogger thing and thats the whole thing! it's amazing! i find it sooo much easier to use! take a look;

its amazing! if you can to try it out click here
if you want to make it your default one follow these steps

thats it, its on the side and you dont even need to save anything it does that automatically :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Hey guys. Sorry there hasn't been much posting going on lately, but we are human, we do have summer holidays, and we do like to enjoy ourselves! So sorry. I haven't got much time at the moment, so here's a rather amusing picture to keep you going until tomorrow. When there (should) be a whole lot more.

'But it don't matter if u don't are baby!'
 What planet do you come from? What language do you speak? What the heck are you?!

Loob3 :D x

Monday, 15 August 2011


Hiya it's itr15 here!

Update: I wrote a full post HERE

I have this comment that was on today's covergirl's 

I know it isn't much but that can still affect someone.
And can somebody tell me what she has against today's covergirl.

How would she like it if someone said that to her?

xxxxxxx itr15/Rosie

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Your load of bitchy-ness


cheeky brat. It's not like im not gonna report you and its not like you have any manners what so ever.

yeah, there's nothing to say about that..... 


i really wanted to know that, thanks!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


I'm not going to mention names but a person on stardoll had gotten hacked. Sadly she didn't have any rares but she did have alot of strdollars and you know the rest of the story.

So here are 3 tips always to remember when using stardoll:

1. Never give out your password not even for free LE or presentation makeovers etc.....

2. Never change your email. If you change it that person could get a hold of your account through the forgot your password feature.

3. Never enter your password and username on ANY other site except for STARDOLL.COM even if the site looks like stradoll.

Hope you remember these tips.
xxxxxx Rosie/itr15

Monday, 8 August 2011

Get in there BITCH! (that sounds a bit wrong)

Hey guys! guess how many blog views we have? well OVER 100,000!!!!! YEAH! wooow! lets celebrate! some howw.......  
Well i would just like to say a big thank you to every one who followed us, visits, comments and is just generally here and active on this because you guys are the best! :) Im sure boo would be very proud of you guys! 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Lot Of Random Stuff I've Gathered Together Over The Past Few Seconds. I Mean, Days. Actually I Should Say Weeks. Yeah, Weeks. Sorry.

That was a bloody long title. And yeah, I have a new banner coming in like a few minutes. Or hours. Or....I'm not sure actually. Just wait and see. I'll leave you with a question; What colour do you think its gonna be? Easy Peasy. Just like all the poll questions Stardoll's been asking us lately. So, for now, get ready to feast your eyes on some weirdly randomly strangely oddly.....I've ran out of words....stuff. And leave a comment. I've still got the tuna in the freezer so I still have the opportunity to set my laptop on fire if you don't leave a comment. So do it. Anyway, time to get on with what I need to get on with;

First, a little report on how popular we are; 

The little thing at the side of the blog told me that at one time we had 18 visitors at once. Wow. That's like, whoa.

 And we're this close to getting 100,000 pageviews. I mean, that's a tenth of a million. Wow. I tend to say wow when I'm hypnotised by something that never hypnotises anyone else. Wow. 

Anyway, in other news;

THIS is a bag. A clutch bag to be precise. What did you think it was?! Ok, I won't tell anyone else. Its ok. I thought it was that too. Ewww. Stardolls getting REALLY dirty nowadays.

So, yesterday I found someone who said they would 'Suck My Tits'. Now I found someone who shags their own excrement. What is this world coming to, eh?

THIS is absolutely pointless. Hehe. But our Mother Of All Bloggers, Boo4Bettz herself, who has the best club in the world, has freaked me out. Look at the amount of members in the club. *gulp*. Yes, that is the devil number if you didn't know. And the devil is creepy. So, yeah. Time for some Jaffa Cakes.

THIS is absolutely disgusting. First, they describe disgusting things beyond my imagination. Then, one of the 'Girls' has a nickname of 'prostatecancer'. Which ain't no way funny because my Grandad had that once. And thirdly, look at that bitch's name. dirtyloob3. No, in case your wondering, I didn't make that account. Some other jerk did. Some other jerk that better say goodbye to their head, cuz imma knock it right off.

The name says it all. And the outfit. And the 'people' having fun on the bed. And all the white stuff on the floor. Do I need to carry on?

I don't like the sound of this. It smells fishy. Like the smoked tuna in my freezer.

I do have loads of other stuff to post, but its not important so I'll post the rest tomorrow or something. 
I hope you enjoyed reading my 'A Lot Of Random Stuff I've Gathered Together Over The Past Few Seconds. I Mean, Days. Actually I Should Say Weeks. Yeah, Weeks. Sorry.' Tune in tomorrow (Or the next day) to read 'A Lot Of Random Stuff I've Gathered Together Over The Past Few Seconds. I Mean, Days. Actually I Should Say Weeks. Yeah, Weeks. Sorry. Part 2'. 

Loob3 x :D

Trophy Scammer + more!

Kapow! The trophy scammer after all is not a trophy scammer! Yeah, and a very big thanks to panda699 for lending me effie1011 who did get a game trophy! Well the trophy giver is called miss.chasi but i would advise if you want one, maybe not be a superstar and have 500 starpoints but still be careful with these kind of people, one account cant prove much.

Any way i have some more things i gathered in my time so yeah, enjoy! :)

How can you possibly be a royalty when you've not join the club? im a bit confused....

Ok stardoll officially this we're dumb shits, what kind of a question is that?

Its not to me but to someone elts

Andddd the best till last! Remember the 11 year old stripper? 

Well apparently she likes to play games ;)

haha tricked you :D

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hot Buys.....

So? What do you guys think of my new banner? cool huh?
anyway back on the subject buys.. as much as i like the hot buys hat they realised the price is out standing!!! 17SD for a bear hat! we're not buying the real fucking thing! i now have to wait till someone buys something or till i get paid and the hat will be in the starbazaar for 200SD for something. Now hot buys are becoming ridiculously expensive and im not that pleased with it.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Your (Almost) Daily Dose Of Stardoll Gruesomeness

Hi. As the title says, this is a dose of your daily Stardoll gruesomeness. Just don't swallow it too fast. And it can have side effects. Wait....what the heck am I on about? Anyway.....

So, yet another person who has the new swear code thing. 
And it case you were wondering, I said no.  

And how the hell did Stardoll let that name pass? Bloody racialist prick.

Loob3 :D x 

Busting Donation

i am currently trying to get to the truth about a stardoll member claiming to give a hight score on a game and trophy if you give her your password and only costs 16SD or 150SC. What i want to know is if shes telling the truth, so i need an extremely kind member to donate an account with more than 500 starpoints that is no longer needed, no superstar and no money needed on the account, it would mean alot to try bust a scammer or maybe reveal a revolution of a trophy collection? and i will mention the person who donated to account as a special thanks! Just contact me. 

Other Posts

ok so me and welchie have been thinking and we decided to do normal posts on here and see how it goes.
What do you guys think? Comment and tell us what you think and if you would like that?
I'll get all the answers together and make a decision.
There will be a poll at the top so you can vote and you can post comments on this on some ideas and what you think of the idea?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

WTF, Stardoll?

Two posts in the last 2 days? Whoa, I know, I'm even kind of surprised myself. Maybe this means I'm back? I don't know, even these days I can't judge myself. Today an anonymous tip was sent to me saying that I should check out this disgusting creature, "littlemissslutty." I know, right, who names their doll that?

Check out these upstanding Stardoll citizens, eh? So much for a little girls' site, there really isn't any innocence anywhere anymore is there? Despicable.

Speaking of happier topics, I opened up my new blog, so you can get your (almost) daily fix of me, iswim19 here. Check it out, let me know what you guys think? It's been too long.. Maybe my little break from this blog is finally over.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Scammer! (A Deep Apology To A Friend Of Mine For Not Posting This When She Asked)

Yo guys. Well, I need to apologise to a friend of mine (I don't need to mention her name because she knows who she is) she asked me to post this months ago, I am really sorry I didn't get round to it. But finally, here it is. 

Well, a girl Who Shall Not Be Named Because She Doesn't Need To Be Named And We're Not Allowed To Mention Names Anyway was scammed of an awful amount of money by a certain neloo123. Here's what the poor girl Who Shall Not Be Named Because She Doesn't Need To Be Named And We're Not Allowed To Mention Names Anyway said happened in her own words;

''Basically what happend was we had a deal that i would buy scuba for 600sd.
I first buy an item for 100sd, then i was meant to buy the scuba. But then she said she had to go and logged off. Next time she is online i ask her to sell but says another girl is buying for more money and i will have to pay more for the scuba. She tried scamming me a second time. The girl is just silly.''

And she sent me some pictures too. I honestly feel like I'm part of the CSI right now. But no, this is serious stuff guys. 100sd is a lot of dosh to get scammed of in the days of the economic meltdown. So yeah, here's the evidence (No touching; we don't want fingerprints on it.) 

(And at the part where she says 'monkey', I think she means money. Stupid girl can't even spell properly.) 

Please leave a comment of sympathy for the poor girl Who Shall Not Be Named Because She Doesn't Need To Be Named And We're Not Allowed To Mention Names Anyway because, I mean, how would you feel if you got scammed of 100sd stardollars? Seriously, I'd be gutted. 

Loob3 :D x