Monday, 22 August 2011

Hey guys n dolls :D xoxo

Elllooo how are you all?
I am truely sorry 4 just dissappearing, i just got fed up with stardoll (im sure we can all admit its well rather dull lately) & i was considering leaving but well id miss ya all 2 much! Not so much all u nuttos tho lol So ur stuck with me! lol
As always a huge thanks 2 all the writers! Who i see have been keeping everyone going with regular updates on the weirdest n wackiest of stardoll! lol

But i have some bad news, as you all know i got a new laptop and moved all my pics u had all sent me of ur loons etc to my harddrive to then transfer to my new laptop, BUT me being me & having a slight problem with electrical items breaking when i touch them, i have blown up my harddrive with everything on it!!! I have lost ALL my music, films & tv series :( but i also lost every single picture from & for the blog!
SO if you sent me a pic, but i didnt get round to posting it, would you please if you have time send it again?? Thankyoo so much!

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