Monday, 1 August 2011

-LimitedEdition: How I Got Scammed

New banner by ForeverGorgeous. Love it, thanks Lana!

First, before I begin, -LimitedEdition is NOT the scammer! -LimitedEdition was scammed by somebody else. Let me just make this clear. 

"I was selling my RC Ashley dress for 2500 Stardollars because I was completely out of Stardollars and I had to get them asap. One girl said she will pay me 4000 for the dress and I've accepted the bid. She said that she will pay 4000 Stardollars only if I'll go first and I know I had to think about the thing that she'll just scam me but I have bought from her LE boots for 1000 stardollars in past and I went first and she didn't scam me so I thought that she won't scam me this time too and I've accepted her offer. I've sold her my RC Ashley dress for 2 starcoins and then put 8 items for 500 each.. But after she bought the dress she said me 'good bye :)' on chat and logged off. Then I understood that I was scammed and tried to do everything to get the dress back. I wrote on my presentation a big message so everybody could read it and contacted all her friends to tell that she's a scammer but after she noticed that she wrote something on her presentation as well.. It was something like that I'm lying and that she paid me 3000 but I wanted more and blah blah blah.. then I've did a print screen of my bazaar to show to everybody that she didn't pay me 3000 stardollars before I've put the dress ( after that she edited her presentation and said that she paid me a week before I gave her the dress which actually sounds ridiculous, but okay. I've made a pic of items which I've sold a week before I gave her the dress ( then she noticed that no-one's going to believe her so she edited her presentation again and told that I wanted to be her boyfriend and now lying just because she didn't accept to be my girlfriend and thats even more ridiculous... later she posted that she paid me 5 WEEKS BEFORE and that made me laugh because I thought that nobody's going to believe that but some believed.. Would you pay 3000 stardollars for item which you're going to get only after 5 weeks? I don't think so. So I've just was too lazy to take a print screen of my whole bazaar because she'd written that she paid me 1 year before I gave her the dress LOL. I've contacted all her friends again and spammed everywhere that she's a scammer with my friends help.. but nothing changed.. Then I gave up and deleted my presentation (now there's only 2 lines about her)... Anyways I've decided to contact you since that dress means a lot to me and I don't want anybody to get scammed or even hacked (because I've heard like 2 girls after when she scammed me who said that they were hacked by her)... So I don't know what could I send you more about it, just tell me and I will do that. Sadly I didn't take a print screen of our chat. Her username is mecooooooooo."

Don't trade/sell anything with Mecooooooooo.


  1. I hate the fact how Zenonas was scammed, such a pity.

  2. Oh well.. All i can say is Trading is for idiots + If there was bigger trading limits there would NOT. Be scams the price would be straight out flat and down the the point and no unnecessary drama.

  3. And now she claims that she was hacked at the time.

  4. you cant sell anything for more than 500 sd. if you're telling the truth, then i think you should knock off a few zeros. and if youre just making this up, then you have warned us. thanks.

    oh, an my name on stardoll is jeminnye .... so can you vote me? lol :)

  5. i agree with jeminneye you cant sell anything for over 500sd and ur an idiot for believing her

  6. is she royalty now or something? because there are 2 mecooooooooo's and one is at level 13 and the other one at level 88