Sunday, 28 March 2010

2 more to watch out for . .

Daaaam they just keep on coming!! Its kinda like in a zombie film when they kill like 50 of em then turn around n theres thousands more . . . grr

Hackers will literally "beg borrow or steal"

This 1 pretty obviosuly fell into the beg catagory! When are they gonna realise it just doesnt work as easy any more!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Just as bad as hacking . . if not worse . .

This was sent to my friend & i cant believe the lengths these sad people will go to now! This is just as bad as hacking as my poor friend was worried sick that she could try log in & her account be suddenly gone! Now obviously this is yet another sad kid with waaay 2 much time on her hands but what i want to know when is stardoll gonna come up with some kind of loony filter???

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Stardoll staff . . . yea & im the queen of sheba!

This was the reason i wrote 2 stardoll ages ago & asked them to just come & read my blog so they could see things like this! my friend who sent this 2 me has a very normal & appropriate name this girl obviously thinks she is being pretty clever but love u aint fooling anyone!

cheeky. .

This was sent 2 me from another friend (admittedly a while ago) So im very sorry for not posting as much as normal but i have been soo busy iv barely had the time 2 do anything lmao
But anyway looks like this 1 had the time 2 try n get someones account tho! Do they really think ur just gna say "oh yea sure take it" lol

Monday, 8 March 2010

O wow it gets worse . .

A friend sent me this! & well what can i say? this is just disgusting! Im sure most of you will know its just some idiots new way of hacking but some of the younger sd gals would really belive this! Grr Why on earth are stardoll not deleting these loons!

hackers getting desperate!

This hacker got so desperate 2 hack my friends account she was practically begging her!!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Another hacker . . . *rolls eyes*

Hey "friend" yea cause thats gona make me trust you! pfft!

Another hacker . .

Wow some just really dont bother even putting in the work anymore! lol what they want us 2 just say "oh sure here ya go . . ." Either that or maybe they have given up as nearly everyone knows not 2 give out their passes anymore!

OOOO scared!!

Lol how creeeepy is this guy!!!