Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a shocker . .

Im not allowed 2 even write ass on stardoll at the age of 22 & yet they allow this name?!?!
Come on stardoll i mean really do you have untrained monkeys running your site?? How hard is it??

What a lovely bunch of people!!!

Well how shocked was i? to come online and find ALL these lovely comments & friend requests . .
Well ya didnt really think they would be nice did ya? lol ... more sick, twisted, shocking, disgusting, pathetic & well i could go on!!
Ya know i would pay to see their parents faces if they were shown what their children really did on stardoll!! Just shocking!!


What?! That's just gross. But guess what I didn't delete it this time click here to view what i said.

Also I'd like to say that I am very glad Loob3 has joined us visit her lovely suite by clicking here

That's all Folks!!

Itr15/Rosie xxxxx

Friday, 29 April 2011


Hiya, I watched the royal wedding and right now my doll is inspired by it take a look here. Do you like it?

Anywayz I had this insane guestbook comment and i deleted it before i took a printscreen. Pretty stupid right? But any way it was something like: AWWWWW!! I wanna suck you so hard!!


the user name was: sh-lez-bian and look at her GB. This is what were the first 3 comments:Now some lovely friend requests:

xxx itr15/rosie


Evening peeps, I just went to do my suite and IT WON'T SAVE!!!! I dunno whether its just my horrendous internet but I was like NOOO!!!! I mean it looks a right mess now, I took all the shopping outta my bags and now its just lying there like a pile of junk. :( Anyone else got the same problem?!? GAAHHH!! 

:D x Loob3 (GAAAHH!!)

The WTF?! Of The Century...

Hello everyone, I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding today. Ok, the service was incredibly boring and that kiss was frickin' pathetic (I mean it lasted all of 2 seconds...) but it got me a day off. Yawn...

Anyway, I am here to report the WTF!? of the century. Literally, no one wants to wake up and find this load of crap in there guestbook (LOL pun was intended there);

The first one many people would find incredibly disgusting, but I have a disgusting mind so I find it particularly hilarious and interesting. No, I don't feel my turds but I just don't find poo particularly disgusting. I don't know why. I am indeed a very strange person/vanilla-scented gummi bear. 

The second one is just bizarre. No other words needed.

Soooo....does anyone else think that this is the same person that posted both of these? I mean, there's like a 6 hour difference between the comments but ya never know. Some retarded person might find stuff like this one of their hobbies. I wonder what other hobbies they have....

Goodbye everyone :D x Loob3

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Tale Of The Girl Who Couldn't Tell The Difference Between Dog Poo And Hair...

Hi people I'm back with more oddballs...

We start off here, where a strange girl comes over to a normal girl and makes an awfully evil remark about her splendid hairstyle:

Since when did dog turds turn red? Some poor puppy must have seriously bad piles. Or that 'girl' has bad eyesight. And is colourblind. 
And then the Mole, lets call her that because of her bad eyesight, comes back and explains how innocent she is. And then shows how stupid she is:
 And I don't know who this guy is and what's happening here but I think they might both be after him or something? I dunno oh well here's what was in the Guestbook:

The Mole definitely has problems! And I can guarantee she's not the only one on Stardoll who does and says stuff like this. You don't have to look far to find a weirdo lately. 

Keep sending me pics to post peeps! Thankyou to whoever sent me those :) x Loob3 :D

Any Spaces In The Loony Bin?!...

Hellooo everyone, hope we all had a good Easter Sunday and got loads of chocolate! I certainly did :)

Anyway, a lovely person just sent me these pics of an awfully strange lunatic and what they'd wish to do in the bedroom (Or anywhere else for that matter)...

And here's more, with the ideas getting dirtier than ever...

 (If ya can't read it right click on it and go on 'open image' and you should get a bigger version) 

I joined Stardoll like four years ago now and I never saw ANYTHING like this, just flimsy little girls going 'Oh, please be my friend!' and 'I love the new DKNY collection!' and 'Do you like my new outfit?'. Not 'Please add me and I'll finger you'. No. Definitely not.

Goodbye everyone. Loob3 :D x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Not The Right Advert For A Kids Site?!?

Hola everyone, well you may remember a while ago someone sent Boo a picture of an advert on Stardoll showing a lady's rear end, which we all discussed was not the greatest thing to post on a site mostly used by kids. Well, I was on Stardoll earlier and came across this....

For those of you who don't know, Jackass is an adults film (I've never watched it myself but I know what the films are about because my 21-year-old cousin told me) and this one looks ruder than ever, seeing the 'unrated' part on the ad. So, as I was saying, Stardoll is a KIDS website and yet Stardoll staff let someone advertise a rated 18 film on there, more importantly with a link to the film so anyone can watch it? Who knows what could be on it. I think Stardoll should get a new advert filterer lol :)

Loob3 :) x

Hey Guys! :)

Hiya everyone, I'm Loob3 and I'm the newest writer here at The Ugly Side. I already write for The Fashion Side so its amazing that Boo has let me write for both of these wonderful blogs! I hope you enjoy reading my posts, please comment and if you have anything for me to post please send me a Tinypic or Photobucket address :)

Happy Easter! Loob3 x :D

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Some quick bits!!!

Hey dearies i know i must the worlds worst blogger! i was hoping 2 get lots done 4 ya over the holidays n give the blogs a bit of a makeover but my partners dad was rushed 2 hospital just over 2 weeks ago so i have barely had time 2 get some quick printscreens 4 ya but not enough time 2 post em, sorry if they are ooold news but here they are . .
Jeez girls get a life i mean come on really?? just how nuts are you on scale from 1 - 10 id have 2 say a bit fat whack-a-doodling 10!

Well well there had 2 be some kind of stardoll screwup . . did i miss the contest where they let the pervs of stardoll compete 2 design clothes?!? i mean really tit tops???
Im stupid . . says the 1 who had the time & spent the time counting how much iv spent on LE LMFAO Maybe if ya spent all that time doing something productive ud have more 2 do with ur time than check up on my spending habits LOL
Btw i just brought 4 of the new items of LE & 5 from the bazar, you need 2 update ur info HEHE

Friday, 15 April 2011


My logo isn't working!!!

anyway................ stardoll

the sware stopper thing isn't working........
and they let this happen in the harajuku club aswell and look at the username. Sooooooo much wrong with this picture.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

iswim19's 101

You know why I realize I decided to take a break from this blog? Some of you are CRAZY! No offense or anything, but that's why I am writing this post. Taking some examples from the chatbox, here are the things TO and NOT TO DO. Follow these rules and we should get along famously.

THE 101

ALWAYS GIVE PROOF. Simply stating somebody hacked you does not mean you were actually hacked, and you will not be posted on the blog unless there is solid proof. Remember you must printscreen proof, imgur it, then send it to me or any other writer.

DON'T LISTEN TO OTHER USERS. This ".No.Copiers" person doesn't know what she's talking about. The only time you should ever feel that you should be deleted is when Stardoll admin actually sends you a messages warning you. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

SPEAK IN ENGLISH. Remember, this blog is in English and we all speak this language! Unfortunately, at this time we do not understand any other language and do not have time to decipher it either. You may use Google Translate to switch your words into English if you'd like.

DON'T ADVERTISE. Frankly, its really annoying. I'm sick of it. It's not really a big problem, but it'd save us A LOT of heartache, so spare some thought for us writers, please?

DON'T BE DESPERATE. Beg for friends somewhere else; or simply go around on Stardoll and send people requests, don't do this on our blog. It'd be seriously a big favor.

DON'T SPAM. Ugh this has got to be the worst. It just bugs me off. Seriously, people need to give us a little concern, get A LIFE, and stop harassing us. 

That'll be all for now.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


OMG! I'm back! Did anybody miss me? It's cause I'm on Spring Break, aaaaaaayyyyyy! For all you newer followers, I'm a writer on this blog, and I have definitely been dormant these past few months- but thank you Boo for being patient and understanding with me.


So let's start off again, want to know how much I love these creepers? They just completely make my day. When I logged on today, I lmfao'd. Thank you SO much for the entertainment, TRULY I am 100% grateful to the ends of the Earth.

Thanks for finding ways around all that "appropriate" language, I really needed a lesson on that. But no thanks, I'm not one for afros. 

It's almost summer! Is it time for a banner change?

Something like this, maybe? I don't know..

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Luuuuurvly friend requests!

Hey luvlies so i know its been like a lifetime since i last posted but 2 be honest im a little (ok ALOT) bored with stardoll lately . . it just doesnt seem as fun as it used 2 be! :(
Anyhoo with not bein on there the hackers n scammers have been very quiet 4 me but as always im never short of a few funnies for ya!LMAO at this 1 do i look like a blind date service?!?! umm no i dont think so . .
However these 2 sent their requests at the same time & both with obviously the same agenda so maybe i should set these 2 up on a blind date . . in a padded cell . . .

LMAO am i even on the right site?? it is stardoll n not sexdoll yea???? lol