Thursday, 21 April 2011

Some quick bits!!!

Hey dearies i know i must the worlds worst blogger! i was hoping 2 get lots done 4 ya over the holidays n give the blogs a bit of a makeover but my partners dad was rushed 2 hospital just over 2 weeks ago so i have barely had time 2 get some quick printscreens 4 ya but not enough time 2 post em, sorry if they are ooold news but here they are . .
Jeez girls get a life i mean come on really?? just how nuts are you on scale from 1 - 10 id have 2 say a bit fat whack-a-doodling 10!

Well well there had 2 be some kind of stardoll screwup . . did i miss the contest where they let the pervs of stardoll compete 2 design clothes?!? i mean really tit tops???
Im stupid . . says the 1 who had the time & spent the time counting how much iv spent on LE LMFAO Maybe if ya spent all that time doing something productive ud have more 2 do with ur time than check up on my spending habits LOL
Btw i just brought 4 of the new items of LE & 5 from the bazar, you need 2 update ur info HEHE


  1. whats with the 2nd dress? why it is so... not nice? but the first is really... who buy that???

  2. Those were the ugliest clothes I've ever seen!

    "Welcome to "Who would wear that?"! Today on the show: tit tops - pervs or fashion? Or maybe BOTH? Find out after the break!"

  3. the black swan dress looks... fine. :s

  4. I think half of the pervs send you those kind of friend requests to get on the blog.

  5. About the top, its inappropriate and stupid. But, I think its Marc Jacobs, I saw it on

  6. That top is just perverted :L its not sex doll I also got a request from wantmeh2fingau she is a sicko she sent one to my six year old cousin who liked to visit you till she got these requests its sad really i had to delete her account