Friday, 15 April 2011


My logo isn't working!!!

anyway................ stardoll

the sware stopper thing isn't working........
and they let this happen in the harajuku club aswell and look at the username. Sooooooo much wrong with this picture.


  1. the swear stopper didnt work because they know the swear code

  2. Yeah, I noticed someone with 'asshole' in their name and a girl was having a rant at someone with swear words and they were showing up so I was like WTF? and I immediately went to Boo. And lol at the picture...whoever wrote that seriously needs to seek psychological help and possibly get sent to a mental hospital cuz we can't just let weirdos like that walk the streets. Or maybe its just a 10 year old showing off...Who knows, it could be the Queen for all we know! Someday we may solve this mystery once and for all....lets keep hoping guys. Whooo...!