Friday, 29 April 2011

The WTF?! Of The Century...

Hello everyone, I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding today. Ok, the service was incredibly boring and that kiss was frickin' pathetic (I mean it lasted all of 2 seconds...) but it got me a day off. Yawn...

Anyway, I am here to report the WTF!? of the century. Literally, no one wants to wake up and find this load of crap in there guestbook (LOL pun was intended there);

The first one many people would find incredibly disgusting, but I have a disgusting mind so I find it particularly hilarious and interesting. No, I don't feel my turds but I just don't find poo particularly disgusting. I don't know why. I am indeed a very strange person/vanilla-scented gummi bear. 

The second one is just bizarre. No other words needed.

Soooo....does anyone else think that this is the same person that posted both of these? I mean, there's like a 6 hour difference between the comments but ya never know. Some retarded person might find stuff like this one of their hobbies. I wonder what other hobbies they have....

Goodbye everyone :D x Loob3

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  1. This is weird! I really think they are both the same!