Monday, 25 April 2011

The Tale Of The Girl Who Couldn't Tell The Difference Between Dog Poo And Hair...

Hi people I'm back with more oddballs...

We start off here, where a strange girl comes over to a normal girl and makes an awfully evil remark about her splendid hairstyle:

Since when did dog turds turn red? Some poor puppy must have seriously bad piles. Or that 'girl' has bad eyesight. And is colourblind. 
And then the Mole, lets call her that because of her bad eyesight, comes back and explains how innocent she is. And then shows how stupid she is:
 And I don't know who this guy is and what's happening here but I think they might both be after him or something? I dunno oh well here's what was in the Guestbook:

The Mole definitely has problems! And I can guarantee she's not the only one on Stardoll who does and says stuff like this. You don't have to look far to find a weirdo lately. 

Keep sending me pics to post peeps! Thankyou to whoever sent me those :) x Loob3 :D


  1. She's obviously jealous that she's not Superstar like 13.Lucky27 and dog **** was the only nasty thing she could think of to say about her hair. I really like her red hair colour, but to be brutally honest, I myseld don't like the style!