Saturday, 2 April 2011

Luuuuurvly friend requests!

Hey luvlies so i know its been like a lifetime since i last posted but 2 be honest im a little (ok ALOT) bored with stardoll lately . . it just doesnt seem as fun as it used 2 be! :(
Anyhoo with not bein on there the hackers n scammers have been very quiet 4 me but as always im never short of a few funnies for ya!LMAO at this 1 do i look like a blind date service?!?! umm no i dont think so . .
However these 2 sent their requests at the same time & both with obviously the same agenda so maybe i should set these 2 up on a blind date . . in a padded cell . . .

LMAO am i even on the right site?? it is stardoll n not sexdoll yea???? lol


  1. They keep getting worse! lol :)
    So, I had a think of the percentage of the 100 million members of Stardoll;
    30% Loyal members who stay Superstar and often log in with 2000+ starpoints
    35% Members who are young and non-superstar and log in every now and again to creep up on the superstars lol I've had quite a few of them recently.
    40% People who make accounts and don't EVER log in point in keeping em on if they haven't logged in for like a year, eh Stardoll?
    5% Pervs, bullies, hackers, scammers and emos. Not forgetting the plain dumb people who try talk to someone in a foreign language when they know their foreign and we're just wondering what the hell their on about.
    Anyone agree with my statistics? :) x

  2. I just realised that added up to 110 and not 110. But oh well you get what I mean lol :)

  3. I meant 110 not 100. Blimey what's wrong with me 2nite.

  4. Rofl, Its apirl Fools day, day after ? LOL

  5. wow this is the first time i know that there is something like that in stardoll i should add kid safe membership to my sister account

  6. uhh, stardoll was meant to keep us safe from comments like that but......looks like it doesn't work! ;/ what's wrong with people these days??? How is that going to make them happy??