Thursday, 31 December 2009

Another hacker & scammer caught out by sd gals!

These were given to me by 2 more gals fed up of all these hackers n wot not! At least they are being caught so i can warn ya all 2 stay away but still it should be stardoll doing this!

Friend turned hacker or friend been hacked???

I have been friends with this gal on sd for a long time! Someone had said to me about a week or so ago that she hacked them but i never herd nothing more & figured it was a mistake but now im not sure whats going on? now you see y i say 2 never trust anyone on sd!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

This is gettin kinda silly!

People like this should really give it up!! This was in a friends gb who shocker had never even spoke 2 her! Wot is wrong with people? They acctually seem 2 enjoy just bein nasty 2 others 4 no reason?
I just wanted 2 apologise 4 not posting alot lately but what with christmas etc i havent had time 2 do anything! lol
but all should be right back to normal now!
I hope everyone had a great christmas & has a great new year!


Obvoiusly the girl shouldnt be doing this but maybe if stardoll didnt put the word "FREE" in the broadcast choices then she wouldnt be able 2 write this!
Cause well honestly since when has anythin on stardoll been FREE . . . . .
& wile im avin a moan about the broadcast does any one no where the words
Banana, cream, pants & tube come into stardoll's "fame fashion & friends" theme? The only things they are used for in the broadcast is usually the late night filth messages! Stardoll are just asking for problems!!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I live in england & was a very happy bunny wen sd announced they were bringing 6 month & 12 months codes here!
My fiancee went out & got me 1 & when i put it in it came up as 1 MONTH & 250SDS for £5!
I wrote to them & explained to which they replied
"You purchsed a coinstar code 4 1 month & 250sds blah blah blah"
But my point is . .
They said they were only bringing 6 & 12 months codes here NOTHING about these "coinstar codes" & even on the card itself there was NOTHING to say what kind the card is! No how many months or even how may stardollars!!
This is false advertisement & im personally furious! They think they can trick us by telling us 1 thing then we cant find out what the card is UNTIL WE HAVE USED IT!!! When its to late!!!
I just wanted 2 no wot everyone else thinks about this & if anyone else has had problems with payment??

YET another hacker . .

Yes they still think this works . . but im pretty sure almost everyone on sd knows this 1 by now! GIVE UP!

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Hey gals i just wanted 2 quickly remind eveyone that I HAVE 1 AND 1 ONLY ACCOUNT which is of course Boo4Bettz so anyone who trys 2 tell you otherwise is trying to rob you!!!! Noone has ever fallen 4 any of these so far but i just wanted 2 remind everyone & let all the new readers know! PLEASE jus remember that & as always be careful!!

Sunday, 6 December 2009


LOL maybe she should take this up with sd i thought . . until i went 2 her suite & saw her wearing jus a bra & underwear!!!
But that wasnt even the funnyest part, that was in another gb message when she called me wait 4 it . . . an OLD GEEZER!! HAHHA then went on 2 tell me she is 68! well im all 4 older people bein on sd aswell but dont call me a OLD GEEZER wen ur "supposedly" old enought 2 be my great great grandma!! lol

WELL u ruined that 1 dintcha . .

LMAO this i found rather funny! Did she not realise that now i have proof that its not me!! LOL all these loons think that my friends will fall 4 this rougly about 10 have tried n ummm about 10 have failed lol they all no i have 1 account & thats it so just give up & save ur time!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

the filthy side of stardoll now?

Yes we started with the ugly side of stardoll then it became the loony side, the nasty side, the evil side, the sick side & now we have ended up in the filthy side of stardoll . . woteva next!!! i think they forget there are young gals on this site aswell!