Thursday, 31 December 2009

Another hacker & scammer caught out by sd gals!

These were given to me by 2 more gals fed up of all these hackers n wot not! At least they are being caught so i can warn ya all 2 stay away but still it should be stardoll doing this!


  1. WTF?
    tevin99 added me saying that she will give me a superstar subscription for a year if i give her my pass

  2. Hey FYI emmyroxx is not a Hacker. Nessa_V shares with emily99 and emily99 hacked her. Nessa_V wrote that while on her account. She hacked me too!! And FYI Why would someone ADMIT they were a scammer/hacker. You are pretty dang stupid if you think someone would admit that. Its obviously PHOTOSHOPPED!! So don't post fake things...

  3. Hey Boo!!
    If you check on Nessa_V's page, it says emily99 hacked her AND emmyroxx
    SO you might want to get your information straight......

  4. I love Boo4Bettz!!
    Miley6470 hacked me too!! But i actually KNOW emmyroxx, like i go to her school and she is NOT a hacker! emily99 hacked her!!

  5. Hey emmyroxx isnt a hacker.... check nessa-v's pg it waz emily99 she hacked me too..

  6. Uh.. Hate to break it to u boo, but emmyroxx isn't a hacker. her and i plus lots of other people got hacked by nessa_v who wrote that while on emmyroxx's account