Tuesday, 24 February 2009

stardoll stalker?!?!?

i no some of u may think im overeacting slighty . . .but well . . . i jus think its really creepy!

Monday, 23 February 2009

greedy greedy greedy . . . .

Now im pretty sure the people who made stardoll r sittin in their office the size of japan, drinking out of gold mugs & wearin thongs made from £50 notes but NOOOO thats not enough! first they put up the prices of the broadcast, then clothes ($250sd 4 A FRIGGIN DRESS! NO WAY HOSE!) & now they have cut $16sd every time u top up with a fone!!! which as they no is most peoples only way of topping up! well i made sure i wrote & told them exactly wot i thought! (as u can see im not a happy bunny!!) greedy pigs! arrgggh
STARDOLL STRIKE!!!!!! whos with me???

another loony "friend" . .

butthole?!? really?!!? how old ru?!
also does anyone no exactly wot a . .GAYFUR is? lmfao

Sunday, 22 February 2009

imitation is the highest form of flattery . . . .

. . . . no i just think its creepy! u dont "have the same name as me" uv copied my name AND attempted 2 copy my doll! (which is 1 thing that bugs me! be original NOT A SHEEP baaa) now if the only reason u created this account 2 make people think its me . . . . then id just like 2 point out 2 every1 that this IS NOT MY SECOND ACCOUNT (i have a baad feelin that this may be a scammer whos gna try & use my name!?) :( lets hope not!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

well thats a way of sayin hello ive never tryed . . .

someone PLEASE remind me 2 put her at the top of my xmas card list!!!

they just dont give up!

"u dont hack ur just bored?!" o come on! u seriously think im gonna fall 4 that!

Monday, 16 February 2009

awww poo_blizzard i didnt no u cared!

well well look whos crawled outta the gutter! i had no idea she woz such an avid reader of the blog! shes obviously read my previous post n thought shed giv me somethin 2 write about!! aww i didnt no u had it in ya! n shock horror as usual her gb woz still full of shite!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

hmmmm . . . .

hey my lovelys ;D
jus a quick note 2 apologise 4 wot must seem like me being lazy 4 not posting!
but well honestly im not quite sure wots happened? . . . .everyone is being nice, not so many people seem 2 be getting scammed & the hackers r mysteriously quiet?
dont get wrong im not complain! but this is kinda puttin me outta a job lmao
hopefully this isnt the quiet before the storm . . . . .
n dont worry when they all come back outta the cracks ill be ready 2 pounce!

Sunday, 8 February 2009


well not only did this 1 ask 4 my pass (yes another 1 . .) but wen i sed NO! she then went on 2 tell me she hates me & 2 f off!
wot a lovely girl!

rat-patrol is no more :(

My favorite & most helpful person on stardoll . . .has given up her day job!
the lovely rat-patrol dedicated so much time 2 tryin 2 help people on here! but she was getting so much hassle from the scammers she has decided 2 give it up! she will stil be a member but without the whole scammers part!
just want 2 say thanx 4 all the help u gave evry1 n we will miss ur help n ur list! but hope now u will be able 2 have a little more fun on here
luv ya hun

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

usually their is always just 1 . . .

but well this time out of 40 odd friend requests (yes this is how they ask people 2 be their friend?!?!!?) their woz 2! well can i just say i didnt expect anythin less from a girl whos called herself poopoobum123 n as 4 the other 1!
u hate me! thats nice wen iv never spoke 2 u & ur obviously 2 young 2 realise that engaged n married aint the same thing ya twit!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

please read!!!

i had an email earlier this week from a very good friend of mine DKNYandHB with sum sickenin news!
she had followed this awful girls gb comment (iv blanked it as i dont want others 2 try it) . . then someone somehow went into her account n stole 9 PAGES OF HER CLOTHES!!! they were all sold 2 a member on stardoll! (not the same girl tho?!?) the account was shut down pretty quick thankfully! but it woz 2 late 4 her n gawd knows how many others! she has lost everything! iv followed links before but NEVER AGAIN!
the moral of the story is DO NOT TRY ANY LINKS GIVEN OUT!!
n ill say it again n again REMEMBER IF IT SEEMS 2 GOOD 2 BE TRUE THEN IT USUALLY IS!

urrrghh they jus keep appearin outta the gutter . .

another little sweetie crawls outta the woodwork, jus 2 call me ugly & in a very pupsluv07 way young!
i loved the "u n rat-patrol must be lesbien lovers, u r such an ass kisser" comment! she then called me a "poohead" as my laptop crashed! n u say i must be young! haha