Monday, 23 February 2009

greedy greedy greedy . . . .

Now im pretty sure the people who made stardoll r sittin in their office the size of japan, drinking out of gold mugs & wearin thongs made from £50 notes but NOOOO thats not enough! first they put up the prices of the broadcast, then clothes ($250sd 4 A FRIGGIN DRESS! NO WAY HOSE!) & now they have cut $16sd every time u top up with a fone!!! which as they no is most peoples only way of topping up! well i made sure i wrote & told them exactly wot i thought! (as u can see im not a happy bunny!!) greedy pigs! arrgggh
STARDOLL STRIKE!!!!!! whos with me???


  1. Yah now what... watever! Screw Stardoll! Stardoll use to be so much fun but now all their new changes only benifit themselves... not us who btw is what is keeping they're website alive; we are the ones buying their shitty superstar code for virtual website stuff. I'm acually happy i've grown out of stardoll... there is now no need 4 me to wastefully spend my money.


  2. I have sent my own reply too in which i told them this change was unfair and has definatly discoraged me from buying superstar/stardollars in the future.
    They are definatly getting too greedy have they for got there target audience is tweens. Its descusting how they could rip of little children like that!