Sunday, 1 February 2009

urrrghh they jus keep appearin outta the gutter . .

another little sweetie crawls outta the woodwork, jus 2 call me ugly & in a very pupsluv07 way young!
i loved the "u n rat-patrol must be lesbien lovers, u r such an ass kisser" comment! she then called me a "poohead" as my laptop crashed! n u say i must be young! haha


  1. Omg!! This is idiot! I like you and your clothes... ;D

  2. Wow she is a nut job. Mother f^cker ass whole really needs a life. Shee's probably pup's account or summergal's account. maybe they are all connected. whatever who cares. lol


  3. what ''lovely'' girl!! she is so bitchie!!
    But, ur nice girl!!