Sunday, 8 February 2009

rat-patrol is no more :(

My favorite & most helpful person on stardoll . . .has given up her day job!
the lovely rat-patrol dedicated so much time 2 tryin 2 help people on here! but she was getting so much hassle from the scammers she has decided 2 give it up! she will stil be a member but without the whole scammers part!
just want 2 say thanx 4 all the help u gave evry1 n we will miss ur help n ur list! but hope now u will be able 2 have a little more fun on here
luv ya hun


  1. Oh :(

    That's so sad. Stupid scammers. F^ck you all scammers who harassed her. Hope you get a life one day dick faces


  2. This is really bad =(

    It's a pity because she was really helpful, especially her enormous list.

    What I hate the most is that Stardoll Admin didn't see her!!! She should totally be writing for stardoll magazine!