Tuesday, 3 February 2009

usually their is always just 1 . . .

but well this time out of 40 odd friend requests (yes this is how they ask people 2 be their friend?!?!!?) their woz 2! well can i just say i didnt expect anythin less from a girl whos called herself poopoobum123 n as 4 the other 1!
u hate me! thats nice wen iv never spoke 2 u & ur obviously 2 young 2 realise that engaged n married aint the same thing ya twit!


  1. They are really "nice" (NOT) to you... -.-

  2. There is no other reason for this behaviour, they are either scammers, hackers or they are just stupid.
    I can't say who's normal here, loony's!

  3. awwww. I really wish i had people like that trying to add me. I mean i love getting stupid immature lil messages from brats like them; It just goes to show how jealous they are of me :) lol ;)

    But seriously... those girls need a life. :/ lol :)