Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Ugly Side Chatbox.

Hi everyone. I've gone back to the old banner because I didn't like my new one.

Well....let me start off by saying this;


Right. Now I can explain what that was about.

Well, as like everyone will know, in the upper right hand corner of the blog is a chatbox. Anyone can use it. They can use any name they like. Which appears to be the problem. Because people have been 'pretending to be me' (And also the other writers on The Ugly Side) and posting all sorts of weird, pervy and just plain disgusting crap and saying that we are writing it, whereas it never went through our brains even once.
And yeah, I write in proper English and say weird stuff and have never been 'horny' even once. It takes a lot to impersonate me, my dear.
And the problem is that now no one will know whether or not its the real me, Boo or pinkbg that's writing in the chatbox. Dammit.
So, just so you know, and yes you should know this; Loob3, Boo4Bettz, itr15, iswim19 and pinkbg ARE NOT LESBIAN and we are trying to prevent perverts on Stardoll so why would we talk about it in our own chatbox? For god's sake leave us alone.

I have the permission to shut the box altogether if you want, so please leave a comment about whether or not I should.

Thankyou, lets all pray those retards stop impersonating me and the writers and leave us alone. I'm sure they'd enjoy tea-bagging each other much more than bullying us. Idiots. :D After they've gone lets all calm down our language and clear the atmosphere at this blog again, get it back to normal. That is, after they've gone. PLEASE GOD, BANISH THESE EVIL AND DEMENTED PEOPLE FROM OUR LOVELY WORLD! (No, I'm not religious but God is the only person who can really help us right now. Blimey, I hate the internet.)

(The Real) Loob3 :D :D x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

price crunch

Ok so lately we haven't gotton any news! but one thing i will talk about is the horrendous price of the new beach villa! 199SD!!!!! what the hell! that's all my stardoll payment! What where they thinking! I am actually poor on stardoll because they over price everything! I haven't bought a piece of clothing for weeks because i dont have the stardollars! Talk about a price crunch and don't even bother bringing up buying stardollars because i cant afford it, im poor as hell! 
Any way i think the price is really expensive even if it is at half price! im so annoyed by stardoll prices! i think we should have a protest about stardoll prices!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Technical problems?

ok so lately on stardoll i've been having some technical issues. Yesterday it wouldn't let me log on and when i could hardly anything was working, i couldn't navigate around the site! I think it's to do with the new stardoll beach villa thing (dont look forward to the price!) so everything was crashing! 
And now today my MeDoll picture wont come up and any photo i take wont come up!

see what i mean? is anyone elts having this problem? today and yesterday?

i also have an attention seeker

How can you get away with a name like that!!!

Friday, 20 May 2011


I'm back sorry I've been off for long exams but im back.

Excuses, Excuses...

Hey everyone, hope you like my new banner!

So, this is quite old but I decided to post it;

That is one crappy excuse to get people to vote for you. Also, I thought Stardoll blocked out the word 'gay'?

Loob3 :D :D x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

what has the world come to!

like the title says WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO! ESPECIALLY THE STARDOLL WORLD! i found another completely inappropriate stardoll advertisement 

(click to enlarge)

A dating advertisement on a site for kids!!! im seriously getting worried about stardoll...

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Well Someone Knows My Name...

Ouch....o hai! So one day I sign in and find these;

(Ok, do boobs really go crackly when you suck them too much?)

And they know my name! How....ummm....marvellous... 

Loob3 :D xx 

umm... yeah

Sorry guys for not posting in a while i was just so busy (im sure that's spelt differently) and just had no time to post or anything actually to post

ok as you can see stardoll is being stupid again and wouldn't save my scenery, but when i went to the scenery thingy it save like a million times! some technical issues...

and some more idiots being dirty... as usual 

Hater Accounts. Just Don't Do It.

Heeelllooo people. Just thought I'd make a grand entrance then. 

Well, earlier I had someone come over to me and complain about hater accounts. Her friend had had a hater account made of them and when I visited it it wasn't a nice place at all. CLICK HERE TO VISIT

 Just look at this presentation it's evil:

 This is cyberbullying so everyone needs to stop it now. Thankfully Zoe has an account against the hater, which is good to know that she has caring friends to support her against this bully. 

Loob3 :D :D x 

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Ok this is a new one:
click here my printscreen still isn't working.

Ok Seriously. Stardoll allows cocaine?! as a word. Seriously....

xxxx itr15/rosie

P.S. Still working on my banner.


Hi everyone, did anyone watch Eurovision last night? Georgia were my favorites. And well done to Jedward for getting Ireland up to 8th on the scoreboard! At least your good for something...

Anyway, changing the subject slightly, the other day a strange person asked me a strange question; 

She asked me '[Are you] le (Lesbian) or bi (bisexual)' 
And to that you may say 'So what? That sorta stuff if normal on Stardoll lately.' 
But, the LOLage thing is, after I told her I was straight (And I wasn't lying.), she replies.....'Cool! What does that mean.' 
So she knows what a gay is, but not a straight? Gaah? What planet does this thing come from?!

Loob3 :D :D x

Saturday, 14 May 2011

there back!

there back! they started there pervy talk again!

one of them say the same message but ya know, don't matter


Ok for some reason my printscreen isn't working so if you click here you can see a completely sick comment in my gb by cupcakefrosting

Also I completely hate the starcoins! but i love the reserve feature!

That is my view!

xxx itr15/Rosie

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

weres everyone gone?!

where is everyone? i've not got any news! all i have is one friend request on my under-cover account! well atleasts its something?

Monday, 9 May 2011

under-cover video!!!

Ok so today i went onto my little perv account and filmed my 'fun' in a party! i really should have cropped the video so couldn't see the first smidgey bit of my email but you'll never guest it! ha! and also you can now see the name of my dolly so i'll probably get some more nice friends, anyway here it is:
(im really sorry you can see it properly, i look fine wheen recoding and when i watched it ove :(
okay so that was the video and was shocked at some of the things said there like the last comment! here's a little nice friend request someone sent me :)
Hell yeah! msg me babe! (joke) :D
(the video took ages! you guys are lucky!)

Possibly THE Most Disgusting Club On Stardoll (I Didn't Join So I Have No Idea How Many Members Its Got)

Hi everyone. Well, earlier I was browsing Stardoll, you know the 'randomly clicking buttons and reading stuff' thing that everyone does at some point in their life, and I came across this club...

I really wanna know how many members are in it but as I have been having reasonably more visitors to my suite lately I thought perhaps I shouldn't (Or they'll think I'm kinda strange. Not that they don't already...) 

For those lazy sheep who couldn't be bothered to click the link and visit the club, its called lezbians. So if you didn't visit I bet your gonna do it now. 

Goodbye my little balls of cotton wool, Loob3 :D :D x

Oh my gosh! im popular!

I actually logged on to stardoll today and had some perv. requests! i feel so loved and popular! lol
um, yeah you get the picture and how can you get away with the douche bag name!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Get a life?

Okay? so what do you think of my banner!? ain't it soo cool?
Anyway i found some more get a life you weirdo person, take a look:

Yeah, well you get the pictures, thanks to MadHatterAlice2 (click to visit her guestbook) and yeah! Will this porn talk ever stop on our beloved site!

some more action

ok so i got some more idiots to fall in my trap, take a look:

im not getting as much as i hoped and thought! Any ideas to help trap some more people? Thanks!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Busy bees . .

Well i think we have hit the record . . 5 in 1 day is a personal best! Jeez people get a hobby!

Your Writers -

So i know The Ugly Side of Stardoll has had soo many writers coming & going lately & i could barely keep up! so now i think we finally have the perfect team of fabulous writers here we officially are!
Thanx 2 all the writers 4 ur hard work & of course a huge thanx 2 all the readers! Hope we help to keep ya safe on stardoll!
Also dont forget that the lovely loob3 & itr15 also write for The Fashion Side of Stardoll along with me & piper1009 so when your fed up of all the hackers & scammers please pop over to check out - What were stardoll thinking? Best makeup & Best dressed, How to wear & much more!


I was gob-smacked when i saw this post by elle.stardoll!

The picture is showing her breast!!! Although i think it looks nice(not her boob the rest) i am appalled by stardoll! There are like 7 year-olds on this and there showing this on the site!!! I'm just speechless

1st real day under-cover

Ok so after waiting for some action, i got some! Take a lot at these wollys:

(click to enlarge)

so yeah! hope to get more and see what kind of perverts are out there :L

If you have any news please contact a memeber of the team! and help everyone!

The Dumber Side Of Stardoll

Hi everyone, I made a new banner earlier. Its basically the Ray Gun from CoD 7. Yeah. It took like 5 minutes to make. But oh well. Its original. :)

Sooo, here is something rather hilarious proof that the Stardoll staff are dumb. Well, we knew that already but here's the proof:

I found this on the photos page on one of the RC members. Get ready.....1.....2.....3......ROFLCOPTER!!!

No wonder the person hasn't taking any photos yet. Because that's not physically possible. 

I think the word you were looking for is 'taken', Stardoll. 

If you find any other stupid things on Stardoll, such as spelling mistakes or links in the wrong places etc. please report them to me so I can write them up here and have a little giggle. Hehe. :D

Goooooooddeybyebyez, Loob3 :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gaah. (Couldn't Think Of Anything Else To Call It)

Evening my luvly gummi bear sniffers, I logged in to Stardoll to find something horrifically frightening in my friends request list:

I know these sorts of things are a bit old, but oh well. It was jolly scary at the time. I mean, she is one very pretty girl but I'm a perfectly straight 13 year old gummi bear/ crazy human so I would say no. But by that time I clicked the 'block' button and this oddball was out of my life. YAY! *Does victory dance...*

I'm still searching for people who know the swear code. Anyone? ANYONE?!? Just write it in the comments box. No one will know. Stardoll can't tell us off because this is an independent site and they have no control over us and we can do what we like. Ha. In your face Stardoll. Losers. *Makes an 'L' shape on her forehead*

Me and pinkbg are gunna go undercover as brainless lunatics soon so if we accidently stumble across to your suite and ask for free cocaine just remember to say 'OMG! You are like SOO crazy! Get the hell out of my life you freak!' As sarcastically as you prefer. 

Tattie byes young ones, Loob3 :) I forget to say 'May The 4th Be With You' yesterday so 'May The 5th Be With You!'.