Monday, 9 May 2011

Possibly THE Most Disgusting Club On Stardoll (I Didn't Join So I Have No Idea How Many Members Its Got)

Hi everyone. Well, earlier I was browsing Stardoll, you know the 'randomly clicking buttons and reading stuff' thing that everyone does at some point in their life, and I came across this club...

I really wanna know how many members are in it but as I have been having reasonably more visitors to my suite lately I thought perhaps I shouldn't (Or they'll think I'm kinda strange. Not that they don't already...) 

For those lazy sheep who couldn't be bothered to click the link and visit the club, its called lezbians. So if you didn't visit I bet your gonna do it now. 

Goodbye my little balls of cotton wool, Loob3 :D :D x

1 comment:

  1. I went on stardoll to see this, i joined to see number and the next second i reported this club ----> there are 53 members 0_o