Sunday, 22 May 2011

Technical problems?

ok so lately on stardoll i've been having some technical issues. Yesterday it wouldn't let me log on and when i could hardly anything was working, i couldn't navigate around the site! I think it's to do with the new stardoll beach villa thing (dont look forward to the price!) so everything was crashing! 
And now today my MeDoll picture wont come up and any photo i take wont come up!

see what i mean? is anyone elts having this problem? today and yesterday?

i also have an attention seeker

How can you get away with a name like that!!!


  1. im not having those problems but i am having different ones. I went into starplaza and i wanted to get a bag from pretty 'n' love and it was empty. i refreshed, same problem. refreshed again and it said stardoll was making changes or something.

  2. That picture thing always happens -.-'' nt even new

  3. Yeah I get the pic thing every time I change my doll. Have been getting it from the first times I got on stardoll year 2008.

  4. oh well maybe you guys should tell stardoll about that, because i've only got it that once so i would consider writing or something to stardoll :)