Sunday, 8 May 2011

some more action

ok so i got some more idiots to fall in my trap, take a look:

im not getting as much as i hoped and thought! Any ideas to help trap some more people? Thanks!


  1. Go to the parties... SOme crazy stuff goes on there. o.O Weirdos also tend to add you with strange messages in chat!!

  2. Some tips as I've dealt with a lot of crazy freaks:

    Make sure your name has some involvement of sexual words. Even a subtle hint seems to attract all of them.

    Wear a raunchy outfit, I think one alike to @imadanger on Stardoll would be perfect. S&M style with the whips and etc.

    Add random people on Stardoll who you can easily find by searching 'lez' or etc and a whole list loads up. Tell them that you like 'dirty talk in your Guestbook'.

    Your presentation and Starblog, the perverts tend to search through them desperatley, getting to know if your in the pervert alliance as well. Say something subtle but still sexual or rude, not so your account gets reported but so they think you're a perv.

    Go to parties titled by 'Lez and Bi's' When I was 8 I went into them not knowing what it meant, BIG MISTAKE o.O
    There are regular parties titled by that name, make sure to go in a raunchy outfit and chat will the other users and pull them right into your trap.

    Post everywhere! They'll find you easier. Don't be disgusted when they send you the gross and feral messages, just play along. I know it would be awful, but it's for the benefit of the younger kids on Stardoll.

    Join clubs with gross, sexual names or with lots of members such as OriginalClub alot of perverts there o.O Title it 'Dirty Talk' or something.

    How do I know these work?I've seen a lot of the pervs.

    Good luck undercover ;)