Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Dumber Side Of Stardoll

Hi everyone, I made a new banner earlier. Its basically the Ray Gun from CoD 7. Yeah. It took like 5 minutes to make. But oh well. Its original. :)

Sooo, here is something rather hilarious proof that the Stardoll staff are dumb. Well, we knew that already but here's the proof:

I found this on the photos page on one of the RC members. Get ready.....1.....2.....3......ROFLCOPTER!!!

No wonder the person hasn't taking any photos yet. Because that's not physically possible. 

I think the word you were looking for is 'taken', Stardoll. 

If you find any other stupid things on Stardoll, such as spelling mistakes or links in the wrong places etc. please report them to me so I can write them up here and have a little giggle. Hehe. :D

Goooooooddeybyebyez, Loob3 :)


  1. Hey Loob3! I love the new banner. :)
    I was searching through Original Club and found these weirdos:
    Being racist and gets away with the F word:

    The same girl;!

    Being racist against 'ugly white people':

    The same girl in above 2 posts being racist:!

    Different girl being racist:!

    xox - shewasonceit

  2. Hey, I understand you are looking for the Stardoll swear code:
    i found it most people say it's
    ­ but it's &shy without the ; so
    like F&shyuck and i think it only works in clubs, here's my proof on my stupid account rebeccalouise- I commented in your gb as well, sorry (:

    Please dont report; this is only for research xD