Sunday, 1 May 2011

mynameiskyle (No It's Not, I'm Just Talking About A Weirdo)

Hi. Would everyone please take 5 seconds to click here because this freak called 'mynameiskyle' (Which suggests that his name is Kyle) has so many disgusting guestbook comments I really can't be asked to snapshot them all and post em. Its like, the social gathering for rude people. Any rude person who reads this can gladly click on that link and go join in if they want. I mean, I'm not gunna stop you. It just makes me laugh to see what they put xD

Loob3 :) And the person slagging off my name can shut up RIGHT NOW or I'll get angrier than ever. Gummi Bears have feelings too ya know.


  1. @Loob3 looks like they are just jealous beacuse you are an awesome gummi bear and they are a random saddo with nothing better to do ;D

  2. They're obviously a perverted person with too much time. They're just jealous, not too mention disgusting. o.O

    Here's some pervert I found:

    Some disgusting girls:

    And the names Stardoll let's pass:


  3. OMG this guy is a FREAK!!!!!!!

  4. just so you guys know! i told her about it! thanks ! x