Thursday, 25 February 2010

This blog NOMINTED for a Sparkle award!!!!

Yes The Ugly Side of Stardoll has been nominated for a sparkle award on Stardoll's Most Wanted! I couldnt belive it when i got the message! I am over the moon! Even just being nominated is fab! Mainly because the more people who see the blog the more it can help i hope! lol So please do go on over to & vote! & dont forget to vote in the other catagories, Best scenery/album/suite/style icon & More!
So if anyone does decide they would love 2 vote 4 (i suppose me but id rather think of it as the blog lol) id just like 2 say thanx now! as it means alot!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Married my ass!

This was given to me from another sd friend
Well . . . where do i start with 1 . . . .
she claims her "husband" only lets her give out free ss 2 5 people in months . .
Firstly if ur gna sa ur married dont refer to yourself as a girl? im pretty sure you have 2 be a woman . . also you need 2 learn how to spell type & the most important thing how to acctually put a sentence together!
I no some of you may think she has problems writing, language etc but well since when has anything like this on sd ever been that innocent!

SHARE accounts . .

Obviously the hacking community on sd are starting to realise that people wont just give out ther passes as easily! But well i cant really see this way taking off either! Ya dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure out they are trying to hack durrrr lol

ANOTHER hacker admits it!

This was given to me from another sd friend!
Well just lately they are definatley making my job easier!!
& to say she "like it when people are crying" WTF?!?!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

OOO wow it gets worse!!!!

I was soooooo furious what joining this stupid club did 2 mine etc (i cant even get into my own fricken club it wont even let me join?!?!?!?!!!!!) i went & left the club & as soon as i left i got this!!!! After i joined hours ago?!?!?! what the hell is going on with this club??
Is anyone else having similar problems or is it just me???


I couldnt decide which blog this should go on at first but well its honestly really peed me off! so i figured it should be this 1! lol
Where do i start . .
I WAS a member of about 100 clubs & then earlia i joined that new harajuku club thing that appeared in my suite & now . . .& as if that wasnt bad enough . . .I mean ffs! Kicking me out of my own club!!!! That is a new 1 even for stardoll!!
And all because i just wanted the free freekin hairband!!! Soooo not worth it!!! grrrr

Saturday, 20 February 2010

WOW!!! :O

Well what can i say really?? i used be shocked by this kinda stuff on stardoll! But now . . not so much!

Hmmm . .

Now she may have said something nice in the mesage but honestly with a name like "assburger" u just kind of expect trouble lol
And maybe just a coincidence but it looked like she had joined sd & then visited me straight away . . . coincidence much lool

Princess my A**!!

This is just beyond desperate & rather dumb!! She/he/it cant really think this might work?!?! "ooo no not the dungeons!!" lol
This is another sent 2 me from a lovely sd gal who is fed up of hackers aswell lol
no u like cant have my account durr!

Hacking stoops to a new low!

This was given to me from a friend!
The hackers lately are just obviously getting pretty dam desperate!
Sorry but now ur just homeless & accountless when you end up deleted! lol

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Stardoll is a DATING SITE for this sicko!!!!!!

Jeez i never thought id say this but i really hope this is just some stupid little kid messing around but the things "hes" written are just way to sick! But what would be the better answer to that?!?! a dirty old man or a very messed up kid!?! whatever it is neither should be alowed anywhere near a site with younger girls on it!!!!

Another faker . .

As soon as i saw this new message in my gb i went straight 2 emorox4eva and told her! This kind of thing has become so much more popular because waaaay 2 many girls on sd are just 2 gullable & believe everything they read! So just so you all know this isnt emorox4eva just another silly girl wanting some attention!

Monday, 8 February 2010

einstein strikes!

When my friend told me about this i really thought it was a joke!!
miss-february99 asked for her pass & said if you dont believe she can get u free ss you should ask the only girl she ever done it for . . . . miss-january99 . . . wow either she is a few slices short of a loaf or im a freekin genius for working that one out! . . hmm . .

This really shows how many nutcases roam free on sd!!

I mean come on seriously!!! "my dad is a policeman he will turn up at your door if you dont give me your pass!" Wow!! wot is wrong with these kids? now dont get me wrong some of the younger girls are very grown up & decent but well this is just one of those that definatley is not!!!!
Aslo the bit about her mum has just died & her house is on fire!?!?!? . . . hmm yea coz ud be sat on stardoll with the house burning around you . .
what is wrong with these girls??
jeez stardoll would be every psychiatrist's christmases & birthdays rolled into one!!

Grr its back!!

Well this girl has been around stardoll almost as long as i have . . . why she hasnt been deleted is a question stardoll should be answering?!?!
I have posted about her before a few times, quite a while ago 4 hassling me & many others & all of sudden she appeared in my gb a few weeks ago asking for my help saying she had been hacked (if you think i made the wrong choice here then think if you would help someone who has hacked many girls & attempted 2 hack probably 1000s more?) i politely told her that "what goes around comes around"
& now she is back with a vengance!! iv had 4 grils write 2 me today sending me this exact message they got aswell!!
so the main thing 2 remember is dont worry she is just a low rate hacker & cannot steal ur pass by you denying or accepting her!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

How to stay safe against this scam . . .

I did visit Gabisia9 & warned her about this girl as had about 5 others who she had written to about her account aswell! And well shock of horrors that isnt her other account, iv had this done to me a few times and luckily it never worked . .
but incase heres some tips how to stay safe from fake account sellers . . .

* check the account for signs that it belongs to them
* always ask the account ur buying & dont agree to anything until you have
* ask to acctually talk to that account on chat
* & as always be careful