Monday, 8 February 2010

Grr its back!!

Well this girl has been around stardoll almost as long as i have . . . why she hasnt been deleted is a question stardoll should be answering?!?!
I have posted about her before a few times, quite a while ago 4 hassling me & many others & all of sudden she appeared in my gb a few weeks ago asking for my help saying she had been hacked (if you think i made the wrong choice here then think if you would help someone who has hacked many girls & attempted 2 hack probably 1000s more?) i politely told her that "what goes around comes around"
& now she is back with a vengance!! iv had 4 grils write 2 me today sending me this exact message they got aswell!!
so the main thing 2 remember is dont worry she is just a low rate hacker & cannot steal ur pass by you denying or accepting her!

1 comment:

  1. "i hack you, pass please" LOL If she is really gonna hack why she asking for pass? no1 would ever give it XD what a Dumbazz