Tuesday, 2 February 2010

How to stay safe against this scam . . .

I did visit Gabisia9 & warned her about this girl as had about 5 others who she had written to about her account aswell! And well shock of horrors that isnt her other account, iv had this done to me a few times and luckily it never worked . .
but incase heres some tips how to stay safe from fake account sellers . . .

* check the account for signs that it belongs to them
* always ask the account ur buying & dont agree to anything until you have
* ask to acctually talk to that account on chat
* & as always be careful

1 comment:

  1. I received a friend request like this too.

    While I was off Stardoll. There was also a girl cira1983 who was scamming people saying that my account was her other account and offering to trade stuff from there.

    Some were smart enough to ask me in gb, but unfortunately others were not.