Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Married my ass!

This was given to me from another sd friend
Well . . . where do i start with 1 . . . .
she claims her "husband" only lets her give out free ss 2 5 people in months . .
Firstly if ur gna sa ur married dont refer to yourself as a girl? im pretty sure you have 2 be a woman . . also you need 2 learn how to spell type & the most important thing how to acctually put a sentence together!
I no some of you may think she has problems writing, language etc but well since when has anything like this on sd ever been that innocent!


  1. Well u can't seem to put WORDS together...

  2. excuse me i no my writing is alot of
    to - 2 & your - ur
    because honestly im very busy & spend enough of my time on here trying to help people so if ur gna be so funny about me writing like this then dont read it!


    this person has been sending msg's to lots of girls telling use to date him/her... he/she sent it to me and i am very disgusted with it

    please feature this person on ur blog xx

  4. I don't mind the 2's and stuff but if you are gonna criticize about typing errors, at least try to spell the word "what" right. Not wot.

  5. yeah she knows how to spell it but that's what most ppl on internet do