Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ways to Make a Conversation Awkward #1

Hey! Listen up!
Are any of you out there socially awkward? Do you always say the wrong things online? Do people block, report, or cuss you out for it?
Then you must be suffering from pedophilia!
This is a highly incurable disease of the tongue and mind.
How can I help?
I can further rub in your mistakes with this new segment called 'Ways to Make a Conversation Awkward!'
Let's get right into it!

When hitting the town of Dollywood and attending parties, you'll always meet some characters. The lightweights (you'll have to step around them on the dance floor later when they've passed out), the heavy-hitters (don't park next to them in the parking lot, that's all I have to say...), the social butterflies. Then there are those that aren't blessed with people-skills. Those party-goers happen to be the pedophiles.

They seem to have good intentions in the beginning. They sit down next to you at the bar and pay your bill. You thank them and they spark a conversation. Then, the unexpected happens... they shock you with a question like this.

You hesitate. You cover it up by taking another sip of your virgin piƱa colada. As you take a sip, you think a number of things.

1. Well, he could just mean what country or state I live in... that's no big deal, right? I bet there are tons of people with the same name in my country that have a Stardoll account.
2. This is all moving way too fast. I can't share my personal information on a website!
3. This sip is turning into a gulp... I'm running out of liquid to drink. Real smooth. He's looking at me funnily.

After these thoughts race through your head, you put your almost empty glass back on the monogrammed napkin with the perfectly inked Stardoll logo. He asks his seemingly innocent question again. You tell him you live in the United States of America. It's not a total lie, but the look in his eyes tells you it's not what he wanted to hear. He asks the question again.
What do you do?

A. Tell him.
B. Slap him.
C. Say you have to go & leave.

You decide in the comments!

Okay, maybe it doesn't happen like that. I got a little bit carried away.
My inspiration for this little story came from something that does happen on our beloved website--a user asking another user where they live in a way that suggests they want to know their city, town, or even worse, their address.

I don't think a lot of people would fall for this type of message. Why? Well...

1. A lot of people make their medolls look different from themselves in real life. An alter ego? Definitely. An image of who that person would truly like to be? Maybe.
2. You couldn't really tell what someone looks like from pixels. Most of the hairstyles, eyes, & noses look exactly the same for guys in their beauty parlors. They don't have dramatic enough differences to really change the overall look of the medoll from guy-to-guy.
3. Most of us innocent Stardoll users would probably answer with the country and/or state we live in. Would this girl push further? Who knows. This is an older snippet that I incorporated into this post so I could try my hand at some Dollywood embellishing while showing you something rather common that happens on Stardoll--someone asking you where you live.

Just know that even if they're not implying they want to know the state, city, or town you live in, never feel pressured to answer anyone online when they ask you the general area in which you live. I know that when I was younger I was a little cautious to tell them those kind of details. Honestly, I believe I was onto something--it's none of their business to know, and if I don't feel like telling them, I don't have to! No matter what anyone says to you, never share anything more online than you're comfortable with. Whether it comes to your age, your Facebook (I wouldn't suggest telling them this!), your personal photos, your passwords (NEVER!)... don't tell them anything you don't want to! That applies to everything, even if it's just an embarrassing story and not your address.

Normally, your gut instincts are right.
Trust yourself; I know you all have good judgement.

Thank you for reading and commenting, and I will DEFINITELY get on trying to post more! What would you like to see in my next post? This type of story with a message,
one of my side-splitting, humorous posts, or something else of your own creation? Thank you for your help!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


 Hey everyone, I haven't posted in the last week or so cuz I been busy. Lets just say I'm going through a hard time at school at the moment. Yeah. Some girls can be right b*tches, can't they? And's some stuff. Have fun while I go cry in the corner -_- 

 Yeah....lesbianism is a very bad subject for me right now. Especially when there's a rumour going round the whole school that your gay and everyones shouting it in your face even though its not true. Might seem funny to you, but I feel like I'm getting bullied and I hate it, its making me depressed again. Sorry to let you in on a bit of my personal life there but I needed to get that out so sorry. Just saying. I'm fed up with everything now. I bet I'm not the only one getting bullied at school. Its not nice. I hope this crap gets ended ASAP cuz I'm well fed up. Yeah anyway.... :'( Back to Stardoll. 

 I wish that was true and someone really did love me. 

At least its in good grammar, I can give her that,



Loob3 :( x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Suspicious Links: to Click or not to Click?

Hi everyone!
Today, instead of doing the predictable post about all the sexual innuendos posted around Stardoll, I decided to post about something we all may be wondering about.
When we see a suspicious link, do we click it?
That question popped into my mind when I saw this post in a recent Coverboy winner's Guestbook.

Of course, thinking that exploring this topic would be enlightening for some of you, I proceeded to follow her instructions and visit her page.
This was what her presentation with the Antidote link looked like.

Like most users with links to share, she urged us to proceed to her blog.
Thinking no harm could come out of visiting a blog powered by blogspot, I entered the URL to take some snapshots of her post featuring the Antidote link.
I got some definite 'jeepers, creepers' when I visited this blog.
Immediately on the side of the screen I saw my location, town and state.
While it seems simple enough to get an application that shows that information on your blog, it still made me a little uneasy.

When I took a look at the post at the top of her blog, here is what I saw.

I, of course, was intrigued by this mysterious link.
To click or not to click? That is the question.
I have some reasons why all of you shouldn't click.

1. Can I have the reigns back now, please?
You have absolutely no control over where this hyperlink is taking you. It's like you're riding a horse without reigns! This site could have all sorts of viruses or prompt you to enter personal information to get this Antidote. Are you going to blindly trust another Stardoll user? A lot of us have one time or another, and it certainly hasn't done us any good. If all you know about this link is the word 'here,' you definitely should not click it.

2. Curiosity killed the cat.
Think about it. Which would you rather have? Access to your account and/or computer, or the knowledge of where this link will take you and what it actually is? I'd rather have a computer that's up and running and a Stardoll account that is solely mine.

3. Too good to be true.
I know what you're thinking.
'All the Antidote?! Even the sold out ones?! How amazing! I HAVE to have it at all costs!'
Wait a minute.
Let's think about this a little harder, even after the initial excitement.
How would this girl be able to get all the Antidote, available whenever you want it?
Why would this girl want to share this link with you without charging anything?
This all seems a little suspicious.
Are you still enthused?

I know I'm not.

Even though we can't say this girl necessarily 'did' anything, we should steer clear of any offers she's giving us.
As a very wise person said, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

EDIT: This user did nothing wrong. I misunderstood and it was only a link to the clothing in the Starplaza. The reason why I posted this is because I thought it would be helpful to you all; I took you through my thought process, and you never know, it might just save some of you your Stardoll account and running computer. There are some real computer geniuses out there I'm sure can pull those sort of stunts off and create a very bad day for you.
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hi everyone!
I'm really sorry for my recent hiatus.
I do consider chipping the bone in my finger a valid reason for being unable to post, so I allowed myself to take a little break.
Now that my finger is feeling better, I suspect that I'll have a post for you in a few days!
Thanks for your patience!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Such nice personal.

So i logged on this morning to find this :D
So nice isnt it. (From friend request)
Again lovely (From guestbook of mine)
Such a lovely picture ehh? (From her suite)
So this one is from a guestbook of a scammer... Its so so so lovely isnt it?
 Bye now :D xxx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

She Strikes Again!

Hi so today i logged on to my Hotmail to see a message from a friend saying " REPORT B.Swan.Cullen " Obviously i posted straight away. I contacted the scammed person and asked about the situation this is what i got. I asked So what was the deal : The replie : "basically, she contact me saying how she was selling/trading scuba so i've been looking for scuba for a long time so this was my chance" I asked then " What did she offer " ? : The replie : "In return, she wanted my Terry Hearts Dress and 45Osd. Which she got." I asked Did you ask her to got first : The replie : "yes, several times. however, i saw that she had one of her references as Starchild_2 and that's one of my good friends. So I'm like okay, she's safe. But silly me... I didn't realise that was a lie." I asked if she had said she had references. The replie : " Yes.... I said i had many. " I then asked " what did she do after she had scammed you? " The replie : "She blocked me, and deleted her account afterwards. For a day. She re-activate it on the 8th of January 2012."
They are the proofs she has. And if you remember my post before about the scammers. Well you might now get the name of this post. " She Strikes Again "

UPDATE I tried to report her and well this is what came up

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Secret Agents!

Thank you to the lovely floppy786 for this fabulous banner!

Hi everyone!
Ever since I started writing here, I've been getting tons of tips and hints about Stardollians to look out for.
I'd like to thank you, the readers; you're my eyes and ears on the field and I couldn't have made this post without you!

The first creeper Angel5529 caught in the act is LookieLookieOO.
With a name like that, I don't think she needs any further introduction.
Take a look at her runway worthy outfits and sparkling presentation below.

That is just a delightful get-up, isn't it?
Work it girl!

Those pictures right there really make me want to get to know this girl!
I guess they had the same effect on these people who commented in her Guestbook.

Since I know that Yummy-Shit-On-U & imahottiegranma have something in common with me already, I decided that I may as well head over to their pages and shoot them a friend request.

Oh darn! I think I must've pressed the wrong button! To request them, do I press the big yellow triangle and fill out all the questions?
*evil laugh*

The next user (danielarainbow2) sent into me by ScarlettWilson may have a pretty unassuming suite from the outside, but if you dig a little deeper, she'll paint you a picture with her true colors.
Upon visiting her page, you see the standard suite, presentation, and medoll.
She checks out, right?
Not exactly.
Take a look at this Guestbook comment.

Looks like this hacker forgot to cover up these tracks.
This led me to believe that I needed to do a little more digging.
Upon looking in her album, I found this message.

No hack? Really? Sign me up!
*rolls eyes*

I'd stay away from this pint-sized sneak.

The next user (ithinkimabutt) was brought to my attention by Hotsforyouh.
I think I can agree with that sentiment this user expressed in his username.

When I loaded his page, I was very impressed by the clothing he wore that was perfectly tailored to his shape.

Well, we can dream, can't we?
In his presentation, he describes himself as 'cool' and 'hot'.

I can't say that after seeing that face I was thinking the same thing...
*Wow, is that dude mental?*
Close enough.

If that didn't convince you to get to know him better, I'm sure this photograph he took will.

Don't hide it, my dear readers. You and I both know that we're smiling just like this after touring through his page.

That's the end of this post, created with the help of you guys, the readers.
Thanks for reading the whole thing, I know it was a long one!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Scammers :D

So i just thought i would give you a list of scammers i have recently encountered. I will update this every week :D never get scammed again :D Emooqueen. Has scammed me, attemped to scam me another 2 times recently. Plus many other people. B.Swan.Cullen. Has scammed me out of stardollars and scuba. Plus many other people. Igroland (also GoncharovaM). jadehough (hacker). JaneLinkRC. jkbjtek. JulieDoll96. Kaitlynwong1234. kam911. karolina365. katyperrylol2. kenken9879 (hacker). kereena95. kirky... kisslips-xo. kitijux. laci3555. lela_lena1234. leylla19. lolly-G-star. lakia12345. lipstick_203. lorita__. IBuyDkny. I_LoV_DKNY (also izabelka90). IMA.SCAMMER. imathollister24. ImSoFierce - has another account. inaprinzess. Ingulcoweczka. irini4ever. ivana606. izabelka90 (also I_LoV_DKNY). lovelyloo78. macaws. mamacita 35. mango 9 9 9 9 9. margolcia24. marijaamarija_. maria_9_10 (also amparito_9). mariq_13. makdinia. Mary-Kate3022 (hacker and scammer). millie7866. MissBeauty.93. MissGaga1209. miss_mara1999. missmomo1026.. MMIYOSKK. monta6460. mrs.way16. myahismyname (also catwoman_lover). natty-kiss. nick_tond (also CutiePrincess2 also Tiara509 also Greato). nickz_girl. nocturne_xgirl. nonss. nuka4e. nytello32406. onlykitty511. onlykitten911 (used to be onlykitten511). oOoOluvlyOoOo. PaintSun. PaintedSun. pinkgurl_ (other account swirlyashley). pinky1020. pinkycolour. prettyfatgirl. Purple-Lilaac. PuppyLove1205. roami. Ronaldo307. roshf.. Rosygabry. roxoola (also daisydark). rrzeyneprr. ruby__-. saraXeatsXsocks. SARCHY1313. shane88. SixflagsVIP. shahd2002. Shrimp1610 - is she still a scammer?. sk8ergirl2008. smudge. snejinceto. SRIJEDA. st3phi3. star_rubita. summer1996xxx (hacker). SugarPlumKiss (created new account! watch out!). SuperDuperSumo1. sweetycube12. swirlyashley (other account pinkgurl_ ). taylorswift50 (hacker! might also be taytay50 and jesuslove165). Tiara509 (also Greato also CutiePrincess2 also nick_tond). tommyjr.3. twilightsbella (NOT twilightsbella1). the_most_cute. toxical-girl. twitterrulz. utajifg. VintageDiva. votemeCG01. waterbottle123. wearsomting_ (deleted?). wilfie59. (scammer). X.TheOneAndOnly. xlgirlxx. xocutie12xo. xo-TAYLOR-ox (new account: crazy_tay_tay). xoxLotaxox (all her bestfriends on her prez are HER!). xxmeabhxx. xxponymad. xxfoalmad. littlemissruby. swirlyashley. I'm not sure if all of them still exist in the world of stardoll but if they do be careful when around them. If your name is fetured on here you should be ashamed of yours selfs.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hey again.

So i logged on to find i had some friend requests i check them daily and well i found this.
So she didnt really do anything wrong i mean its just her name i mean come on. Then she has in her suite the items that say dont bully

Hacker and a perv how charming!

Hey luvlys me again i of course have some new people to watch out for ... i wonder if we will ever run out?? Firstly can i just ask ... do people STILL fall for this crap..
 I have to believe some sadly do as otherwise would they have given up and crawled back under the rock they appeared from by now?? This "trick" is sooo old now just give up it aint working anymore!
And well as for this one ... im pretty sure we all know what planking is .. so why do some sickos feel the need 2 turn something silly into something disgusting ... i swear half of em could make a dirty joke out of anything!?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Just a thanx to all the readers!

 As i was just scrolling down the new posts by the other lovely writers i spotted this at the side!
loob3's post on the 150 million members landmark on stardoll caught my eye until i saw this! I never thought when i opened this blog, must be nearly 3 years ago by now, that this would happen but i must say i could never have done it without all the lovely gals who help to keep this blog running! But anyway after seeing loob3's post it made me think that we are gettin close to 150,000 views (wow!) so i was thinking maybe we should do something special, not dump crappy clothes in everyones suites as loob3 mentioned lol but maybe something more interesting? I dont have any plans yet but the cogs are ticking ... what does everyone think and more importantly what would YOU like to see? All suggestions will be considered whether its a competition a makeover on the blog or ANYTHING you come up with?

Creeeeep alert!!

 Ok so i have a good friend on stardoll who i have known for a while, she has been getting HARRASSED by this creepy guy . . yea thats just like normal i hear you say ... that is until you realise she is 10 YEARS OLD!! i mean jeez what lengths wont these guys go to!! This guy is a real creep and i advise everyone 2 deny him if he sends you a request or you could be getting dirty messages and seeing his album full of your pictures >>
And his reply when she told him she was 10 .. "THATS OK BABE" no dude that is not OK ... what a sicko...

Nearly 150 Million Members.

Hello everyone. 

Basically I just wanted to mention that Stardoll nearly has 150 million members (Even though over half of them are loonies or pedos or hackers or scammers or irritably famous annoying rich girls). As this is quite a landmark, be prepared to have more crappy gifts delivered to your suite by the Stardoll staff, as usual. Meaning the starbazaar is gonna be filled with these free items for 2sd each because no one wants em. And also all the new members will be wearing the same clothes. So....yippee. Not. 

Loob3 :D x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A lying little b*tch

A MASIVE THANKS TO FLOPPY786 :D SHE DID A AMAZING JOB! Well Hello, sorry bout my french (language) i'm not in a good mood. But anyways, I am here to post about a lying scammer who thinks she can scare away people with threats.
So here is the story, A friend who was scammed by this girl, Told me about this girl. She had her LE jeans and wouldnt return it. I wasnt please and neither was she. So i took a visit and left a comment as you can see in the first picture. They are the replies i got. Yes i was a tad mean, but i have anger problems (Sorry readers if you got offended.) I laughed when i found the comment in my guestbook, as if anyone has reported someone before you should know that you automatically block that person. Well i'm not blocked therefore she is placing a threat. Oh and as you see she told me to fu*k off. So if you take a visit just be careful. xx Love you people Thanks for reading. OH and i would also like too add, What my friend just told me : She also owes her 100 SD. Oh and a very happy new year to you all :D bye for now.

Wohoooo i can post again!!

ok so thanx to one of our readers the lovely Star8817 i can now printscreen on my new laptop!! So thanks for your comment!! And here is the friend request i have been attempting to printscreen and had stuck in my requests for weeks (sorry if they have already been deleted! lol)
Well what a charming young man he is!!! Whatever happened to old fashioned romance huh? looks like its dead in the water for this loser ...

Also thankyou to my good friend miss floppy786 for the fabulous banner she made for me!