Sunday, 1 January 2012

A lying little b*tch

A MASIVE THANKS TO FLOPPY786 :D SHE DID A AMAZING JOB! Well Hello, sorry bout my french (language) i'm not in a good mood. But anyways, I am here to post about a lying scammer who thinks she can scare away people with threats.
So here is the story, A friend who was scammed by this girl, Told me about this girl. She had her LE jeans and wouldnt return it. I wasnt please and neither was she. So i took a visit and left a comment as you can see in the first picture. They are the replies i got. Yes i was a tad mean, but i have anger problems (Sorry readers if you got offended.) I laughed when i found the comment in my guestbook, as if anyone has reported someone before you should know that you automatically block that person. Well i'm not blocked therefore she is placing a threat. Oh and as you see she told me to fu*k off. So if you take a visit just be careful. xx Love you people Thanks for reading. OH and i would also like too add, What my friend just told me : She also owes her 100 SD. Oh and a very happy new year to you all :D bye for now.


  1. !scammer allert!:BrainiacGal
    she hack MissHellas.2011
    and she try to hack other medolls too!!
    Be carefull!!

  2. oh sory, she just delete all gb coments all i have is these

    Me and BrainiacGal had agreed to trade MissHellas.2011 with her account. We give each other codes when I log on her account I change password but I couldn't change e-maill so she take her account back and keep mine! Then she trade MissHellas.2011 and BrainiacGal with PandaCrazApples.
    I hope to take my account back, I have send to stardoll the information that askes to give your account back...

  3. omg!!stardoll gave my account back!!

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