Wednesday, 18 January 2012


 Hey everyone, I haven't posted in the last week or so cuz I been busy. Lets just say I'm going through a hard time at school at the moment. Yeah. Some girls can be right b*tches, can't they? And's some stuff. Have fun while I go cry in the corner -_- 

 Yeah....lesbianism is a very bad subject for me right now. Especially when there's a rumour going round the whole school that your gay and everyones shouting it in your face even though its not true. Might seem funny to you, but I feel like I'm getting bullied and I hate it, its making me depressed again. Sorry to let you in on a bit of my personal life there but I needed to get that out so sorry. Just saying. I'm fed up with everything now. I bet I'm not the only one getting bullied at school. Its not nice. I hope this crap gets ended ASAP cuz I'm well fed up. Yeah anyway.... :'( Back to Stardoll. 

 I wish that was true and someone really did love me. 

At least its in good grammar, I can give her that,



Loob3 :( x

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  1. I Laughed So Hard When I Saw Her Fave Celebrity Was Charlie Sheen :D xD x