Sunday, 8 January 2012

She Strikes Again!

Hi so today i logged on to my Hotmail to see a message from a friend saying " REPORT B.Swan.Cullen " Obviously i posted straight away. I contacted the scammed person and asked about the situation this is what i got. I asked So what was the deal : The replie : "basically, she contact me saying how she was selling/trading scuba so i've been looking for scuba for a long time so this was my chance" I asked then " What did she offer " ? : The replie : "In return, she wanted my Terry Hearts Dress and 45Osd. Which she got." I asked Did you ask her to got first : The replie : "yes, several times. however, i saw that she had one of her references as Starchild_2 and that's one of my good friends. So I'm like okay, she's safe. But silly me... I didn't realise that was a lie." I asked if she had said she had references. The replie : " Yes.... I said i had many. " I then asked " what did she do after she had scammed you? " The replie : "She blocked me, and deleted her account afterwards. For a day. She re-activate it on the 8th of January 2012."
They are the proofs she has. And if you remember my post before about the scammers. Well you might now get the name of this post. " She Strikes Again "

UPDATE I tried to report her and well this is what came up

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