Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hi everyone!
I'm really sorry for my recent hiatus.
I do consider chipping the bone in my finger a valid reason for being unable to post, so I allowed myself to take a little break.
Now that my finger is feeling better, I suspect that I'll have a post for you in a few days!
Thanks for your patience!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. Holy poop, how did you do that?!

    1. XD
      Well, my dad & I were just horsing around as normal, and my finger got caught in a hole in his shirt. He pulled away really fast & hard and it ended up chipping the bone in my finger.
      It wasn't really any of our faults, it was an accident. I didn't notice my finger was caught in his shirt and neither did he.
      So now we're going to be more gentle with each other because he believes I'm made of porcelain ^_^
      Hopefully that won't happen again, but me being the clutz I am, it probably will!

  2. Aw haha ;) Don't worry, I'm always doing rather silly things that end up with me hurting myself, I was doing gymnastics once and did a cartwheel so fast (this is gonna be gruesome) that my bone kinda bent too much and I fractured my arm. It was !"£$%^ing painful, I can tell you. I hope your finger is better and it never happens again :)