Monday, 16 January 2012

Suspicious Links: to Click or not to Click?

Hi everyone!
Today, instead of doing the predictable post about all the sexual innuendos posted around Stardoll, I decided to post about something we all may be wondering about.
When we see a suspicious link, do we click it?
That question popped into my mind when I saw this post in a recent Coverboy winner's Guestbook.

Of course, thinking that exploring this topic would be enlightening for some of you, I proceeded to follow her instructions and visit her page.
This was what her presentation with the Antidote link looked like.

Like most users with links to share, she urged us to proceed to her blog.
Thinking no harm could come out of visiting a blog powered by blogspot, I entered the URL to take some snapshots of her post featuring the Antidote link.
I got some definite 'jeepers, creepers' when I visited this blog.
Immediately on the side of the screen I saw my location, town and state.
While it seems simple enough to get an application that shows that information on your blog, it still made me a little uneasy.

When I took a look at the post at the top of her blog, here is what I saw.

I, of course, was intrigued by this mysterious link.
To click or not to click? That is the question.
I have some reasons why all of you shouldn't click.

1. Can I have the reigns back now, please?
You have absolutely no control over where this hyperlink is taking you. It's like you're riding a horse without reigns! This site could have all sorts of viruses or prompt you to enter personal information to get this Antidote. Are you going to blindly trust another Stardoll user? A lot of us have one time or another, and it certainly hasn't done us any good. If all you know about this link is the word 'here,' you definitely should not click it.

2. Curiosity killed the cat.
Think about it. Which would you rather have? Access to your account and/or computer, or the knowledge of where this link will take you and what it actually is? I'd rather have a computer that's up and running and a Stardoll account that is solely mine.

3. Too good to be true.
I know what you're thinking.
'All the Antidote?! Even the sold out ones?! How amazing! I HAVE to have it at all costs!'
Wait a minute.
Let's think about this a little harder, even after the initial excitement.
How would this girl be able to get all the Antidote, available whenever you want it?
Why would this girl want to share this link with you without charging anything?
This all seems a little suspicious.
Are you still enthused?

I know I'm not.

Even though we can't say this girl necessarily 'did' anything, we should steer clear of any offers she's giving us.
As a very wise person said, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

EDIT: This user did nothing wrong. I misunderstood and it was only a link to the clothing in the Starplaza. The reason why I posted this is because I thought it would be helpful to you all; I took you through my thought process, and you never know, it might just save some of you your Stardoll account and running computer. There are some real computer geniuses out there I'm sure can pull those sort of stunts off and create a very bad day for you.
Thank you for reading!


  1. The link takes you to the fitting room in starplaza with all the antidote in it, for original prices and you cant buy the sold out ones, it's not a wierd site it's just the real stardoll :)

    1. LOL, I had a feeling it might be as simple as that. This post was just taking you through my thought process--should I click, or shouldn't I? I'm telling you all that it's better NOT to click. You just never know.

  2. You're just overthinking things :P

    1. I did have a feeling from the moment that I started writing this it would be as simple as a link to the Starplaza with the clothes in it.
      I was curious, as most Stardoll members can be, and I wanted to click on it. I decided to do something different with my (roughly) weekly posting and take you all through my thought process.
      Was I over-thinking things?
      This is just slowing down that thought process and really considering what to do.
      You never know, one click and your computer could be fried.
      It's best to be safe rather than sorry.

      By the way, thank you for featuring my post in your blog! I absolutely love it and read every post. I was so shocked and excited to see that you had mentioned it! I've never been featured in a popular blog before xD
      Thank you for making it one of the most popular posts on the blog (there's a panel for it over there <<< somewhere).


  3. okey, but when i held the mouse over the link then the url showed up in the corner and i saw where that link would take me, but if i didn't see that i wouldn't have clicked it :p

    1. I really didn't want to get too close to that link, so I didn't see that. I probably should've checked first. Still, you could probably alter that if you really wanted to. The HTML code might be too long for Blogspot, but who knows. 'Who knows' is why you shouldn't click anything you're unsure about--this one made me 'unsure'. I made it right with the edit, but I'm not removing the post. I want everyone to see that I DID, in fact, make a mistake. I'm not going to try to cover it up. I'm human, and I don't know everything. This is one of those posts that I don't view as a flop, but rather, a learning experience. People will be informed that it was my mistake and I hope that the girl I wrote about would be so kind as to forgive me for it. I didn't mean any harm by it and I'll learn to be a little bit more careful about thoroughly checking out the people before I post about them. She's not on the list as she didn't do anything wrong and I never put her there. Good thing for that, hahaa.

      Thank you for your help! I'll definitely take away a lesson from this one.

  4. Don't worry, no way are you over-thinking things, I get totally paranoid when I see a suspicious link even when I haven't even thought of clicking it. I know it sounds stupid, but the thought of having to lose all of the stuff on your computer is just devastating. I get so panicky when I'm on google images and stuff cuz I just never know where the links are gonna take me and I'm constantly on the lookout for unwanted viruses. So don't worry, you're not the only one who 'over thinks' things :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, it's greatly appreciated :)
      Now I know I'm not the only one in the world that sort of obsesses over things like this.
      I know, I have a very strong bond with my computer (I know that sounds weird, LOL) and I think I'd lose a piece of myself if those files were ever lost or tampered with.
      If I didn't have an Internet connection... don't get me started.
      Insanity, aggravation, frustration...
      So yes, what seems like over-thinking things to other people is just me being cautious. Have I ever had a virus on my computer? No, not that I know of. From having sound passwords and being picky with what links I click on and what content I view, I keep my precious files safe. I'm just trying to spread this around and make others think twice before they click on a seemingly harmless link. It's those kind of links that can give people a LOT of computer troubles.

  5. Hello, I'm sorry if I created confusion,usually the long links I post them as "hidden link", but like Annielle said, when you held the mouse over the link the url showed up in the corner and you see where that link go.

    So, before you write something bad about someone, you'd better be a little mindful (as you say) and verify the information correctly before you put it on the blog.

    And on the side of the screen on my blog you saw your location, town and state because that was added a gadget to monitor traffic, there was not nothing scandalous, nothing infected with the virus, bacteria or other....Anyway I removed that gadget.

    1. I really wasn't sure about your link. I was using it as an example. I didn't put you on the list and I expressly said you didn't do anything wrong. I even put an edit up about it being my mistake and there was nothing wrong with your link. I didn't click it so I never knew where it would lead me. I understand that you're offended, but I really didn't mean anything by the post. I wanted to make it clear that if you're unsure about a link, don't click it! It was only to make sure that someone doesn't click something that IS a hidden link or suspicious to them. My motto is 'don't do something you're uncomfortable with'. This post was about exactly that. If you're unsure, even it if IS a harmless link like this, don't click the link. Better to be safe than sorry.

      You may think that I am shining a negative light on you and your blog, but I'm not. This isn't what the post is about. It's purely informative. I'm sorry if I upset you or reduced traffic to your blog in any way shape or form. I'm willing to step up to the plate and admit that I was wrong about this link being suspicious. Again, it was just an example, and I didn't mean to do anyone any harm. Reread the post and you'll see what I mean.

      Also, in regards to the gadget, I was just a little worried about that kind of information being put out there for everyone to see. You know? I've never seen that one before and I thought that it was a little odd that a Stardoll blog (where the main traffic flow was either going to be young teens or pedophiles...) had that kind of gadget on the side. I know that Google has all of your information and since Google powers Blogspot, they can get that, but still, it's a little odd for the readers that you'll be getting. Thanks for taking it down. I didn't think there was any virus associated with it, I just thought that it was a little odd and it sent a red flag since I am a very cautious person when it comes to the web.

      I'm truly truly sorry if this offended you, as I really didn't mean any harm to anyone. Thanks for taking the time to clarify all this. I hope you can understand my thought process.

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