Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ways to Make a Conversation Awkward #1

Hey! Listen up!
Are any of you out there socially awkward? Do you always say the wrong things online? Do people block, report, or cuss you out for it?
Then you must be suffering from pedophilia!
This is a highly incurable disease of the tongue and mind.
How can I help?
I can further rub in your mistakes with this new segment called 'Ways to Make a Conversation Awkward!'
Let's get right into it!

When hitting the town of Dollywood and attending parties, you'll always meet some characters. The lightweights (you'll have to step around them on the dance floor later when they've passed out), the heavy-hitters (don't park next to them in the parking lot, that's all I have to say...), the social butterflies. Then there are those that aren't blessed with people-skills. Those party-goers happen to be the pedophiles.

They seem to have good intentions in the beginning. They sit down next to you at the bar and pay your bill. You thank them and they spark a conversation. Then, the unexpected happens... they shock you with a question like this.

You hesitate. You cover it up by taking another sip of your virgin piƱa colada. As you take a sip, you think a number of things.

1. Well, he could just mean what country or state I live in... that's no big deal, right? I bet there are tons of people with the same name in my country that have a Stardoll account.
2. This is all moving way too fast. I can't share my personal information on a website!
3. This sip is turning into a gulp... I'm running out of liquid to drink. Real smooth. He's looking at me funnily.

After these thoughts race through your head, you put your almost empty glass back on the monogrammed napkin with the perfectly inked Stardoll logo. He asks his seemingly innocent question again. You tell him you live in the United States of America. It's not a total lie, but the look in his eyes tells you it's not what he wanted to hear. He asks the question again.
What do you do?

A. Tell him.
B. Slap him.
C. Say you have to go & leave.

You decide in the comments!

Okay, maybe it doesn't happen like that. I got a little bit carried away.
My inspiration for this little story came from something that does happen on our beloved website--a user asking another user where they live in a way that suggests they want to know their city, town, or even worse, their address.

I don't think a lot of people would fall for this type of message. Why? Well...

1. A lot of people make their medolls look different from themselves in real life. An alter ego? Definitely. An image of who that person would truly like to be? Maybe.
2. You couldn't really tell what someone looks like from pixels. Most of the hairstyles, eyes, & noses look exactly the same for guys in their beauty parlors. They don't have dramatic enough differences to really change the overall look of the medoll from guy-to-guy.
3. Most of us innocent Stardoll users would probably answer with the country and/or state we live in. Would this girl push further? Who knows. This is an older snippet that I incorporated into this post so I could try my hand at some Dollywood embellishing while showing you something rather common that happens on Stardoll--someone asking you where you live.

Just know that even if they're not implying they want to know the state, city, or town you live in, never feel pressured to answer anyone online when they ask you the general area in which you live. I know that when I was younger I was a little cautious to tell them those kind of details. Honestly, I believe I was onto something--it's none of their business to know, and if I don't feel like telling them, I don't have to! No matter what anyone says to you, never share anything more online than you're comfortable with. Whether it comes to your age, your Facebook (I wouldn't suggest telling them this!), your personal photos, your passwords (NEVER!)... don't tell them anything you don't want to! That applies to everything, even if it's just an embarrassing story and not your address.

Normally, your gut instincts are right.
Trust yourself; I know you all have good judgement.

Thank you for reading and commenting, and I will DEFINITELY get on trying to post more! What would you like to see in my next post? This type of story with a message,
one of my side-splitting, humorous posts, or something else of your own creation? Thank you for your help!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. I liked this post :D and I think your right on this one- before I met a girl on SD, and we became BFFs. I've known her for like 2 years and we chatted almost every day, but one day she asked me about my pass, I gave it to her, then she spent all my money on some peace of shit... that had to be a dress lol... then I found out her account was hacked... I blocked her and never ever ever gave my pass again and I'm not planing to lol

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

      Wow, that's really awful! I guess you never REALLY know someone when it comes to Stardoll. It's just a word to the wise never to give out your password, even if this person has a long-time relationship with you. If they've written it down in a special place and someone else gained access to it, things like that can happen, even if the person you originally shared it with has been honest. It's a shame to see things like that happen. Have you built up your account again and managed to recover from the incident?

  2. one day a girl asked me what time I finished school...Is that a normal question?
    She is my bff on stardoll...

    1. I definitely agree with Loob3 on this one.
      The time your school gets out isn't a big deal without her knowing other information (where you live; city, town, or address). If she knows the specifics of where you live (listed above), she could find out which school you go to and what you're zoned for, ESPECIALLY if you go to a public school.
      I don't think the time a school gets out is listed on the website, but the time the teacher's are there till and office hours might be.

      If you're asking us if it's okay to tell this girl, you're probably a little nervous about it. As long as the context of the conversation seems innocent and you haven't given up that kind of information, you can feel free to. There's nothing wrong with it besides the fact that you're not comfortable--and as Loob3 said, don't do anything you're uncomfortable with!

      Good luck :)

  3. @PinkElina145
    Maybe she's asking you because she wants to talk to you on Stardoll straight after you finish school? But if not maybe "she's" a pedo who wants to stick you in the back of a van and rape you....who knows. But watch out anyway. Don't tell anyone anything you feel uncomfortable with them knowing about :)

    1. Thank you for helping her out!
      I'm a little bit late on replying to comments this time.. I better be a bit more careful about that xD

  4. hey if you ever don't even have a post to wite visit every time to see some freakos

  5. Great post as always hun! and u are all totally right! you should NEVER give out ANY personal information or any information you dont feel comfortable giving out, i mean what they gonna do if they dont get your info 5/5 ya doll to death ... :)

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