Saturday, 4 February 2012

Good news and bad ...

 Hey hunnies
how is everyone?? I personally have transformed from a sensible 22 year old, into an over excited child at the moment as we are expecting snow!! Finally!! lmao
But anyway onto other news . . . . Ill hit ya with the bad first . . .
we have a new nutbag on the loose in stardoll  . . this was the friend request, i also had gb, scenery and album comments, just a shame they were all like this . . . lol
And now for some pretty coll news, the lovely fame1234 just pointed out to me that she had googled the blog and well look at this . . .
 Ok so i know we aint the first thing searched but hey, The is one of the most common words there is so that is discounted :D
I thought it was pretty great to see and all thanks to all u lovely loyal readers <3

Boo xoxox


  1. hello its fame1234 i just want to thank you again for putting me on this post i have been a fan of the blog since it started and i was really exited when you said you would post about the search on Google and hopefully one day i can write on the blog myself thanks again

  2. YAY WE'RE GETTING FAMOUS!!! And don't talk to me about the snow. It's melted already -_-

  3. We havent had snow in a couple weeks :( it suck.... anyways
    IM Ashley7789 pleaseeeed visit me i havent been on stardoll in some dys ot hours lol but im glad your blog is on google lol