Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just a foo weird bits xoxo

 Ok so i know over the years i have become quite the weirdo attracter, but this lot are just cream crackers, how the hell do they come up with this crap, are people out in the world really this crazy ...
 Ok well obviously the poor girl who this nutter is pretending to be had alot of hassle, this one can give it but cant take it back obviously ...

And these two randoms were a nice suprise when i opened my gb ... (NOT) last night i was ... watching the big bang theory in bed and eating sweets, was good but wouldnt call it amazing XD
and the second one, what the hell, pregnant um hell no!! lol and love you, do you have the wrong person or are u just retarded?? lol


  1. Lol weridos so crazy i kinda hate when they post in my GB BUT at times its so funny

  2. these people are sooo stupid! and how the hell stardoll allow people to say the word "pregnant"

  3. er....LE..stardoll was my friend, but her account got hacked by can u edit it saying that she got hacked plz? Cuz i dont want ppl to say mean things to my friend...

  4. oohhhh and who is that guy who called you prego?