Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hey .
So so so sorry guys that i havnt posted in a while I'll make it up to ya i promise :D. So sadly i only found one mischevious person this week D:. But i'll post it anyway, and possibly a encore :D.
Such a lovely person ehh? Well this was found in my gb after a recent death in my family. Yes this hurt me but i laughed at the fact of there name shet.niqga sorry if this affended anyone of a different race to me. (I am white) this is not aimed at anyone on this blog or anyone who reads it. Plus i also laughed at the fact that they thought it would hurt. Gosh they have no idea about how hard i am. Love Leanne xxx

Who watched Liverpool 'v' Man U today(11/02/2012)? ehh. Who gives them the right to taunt Liverpool? Good on Reina. Anyway this has nothing to do with the blog i just thought i would spread my feeling to you lovely people who read and cherish this blog everyday :). xx


  1. what a nice person... my rabbit actually died a week ago and I cried like hell... but now as I see this troll I'm like WTF??? lol :D it kinda made my day really... no offence, sorry if I have put salt in the woond, I know what it is to lose somebody you love...

  2. Wow nigger hmmm JUST GREAT! and yes i am offended because, why do every one on starxoll who make a fake page like that WHY JUST WHY do they have to be black nd ugly and your calling that doll a nigger becajse of the doll color and the person behind it could be WHITE!

    1. No i am not calling this person a "nigger" that is there stardoll name. I apologized because i had to post it with the language. Therefore it was now a comment from me but them. Please read the post extra carefully next time to not cause this argument again. So sorry if this offended you i posted it like that so i could apologize to anyone who is the race of back or medium because they may of found there stardoll name offensive.