Friday, 17 February 2012

A 'Naughty' Apocolypse?!

Hey everyone!

I know that it seems as though we have run dry of content to post on this blog, but let me share with you a little secret--we have more than we can handle!

When I first started writing on this blog, I didn't know many ways to track down users being inappropriate. Some of my favorite clubs to write posts about (Crush advice clubs, OrginalClub, etc.) had been deleted. OriginalClub has come back, weakened--it's not so 'Original' anymore. With less users and 'trolls' joining the club, I had much less to post about! That was when I decided to conduct a little experiment...

You all know we have a 'find friends' feature in our Stardoll chat bar.
I've used it for the traditional purpose for as long as I can remember--to get to other members' suites. With all the different usernames out there, odd spellings of common words, and number/symbol combinations in usernames, I often come up with the wrong username. Stardoll then compiles a list of users' pages I could be trying to get to.

I've realized that this function is not only useful for finding friends--it's also useful for finding enemies...

These are the results I got for users with the word 'naughty' in their usernames.
Does it need anymore explanation that that?
Twenty of 400+ search results.


Trust me, my dear readers--we're not going anywhere!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. Hi, sorry to bother you, but over a week ago I posted in the 'contact us' section, but I guess it hasn't been read yet... anyway, please could you post it?

  2. Sorry i am a little slow seeing your post, i have taken a copy and will get it uploading for you, thanks for sending it to us and for reading the blog!