Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kill Them with Kindness!

Hey everybody!
I am super sorry for my long hiatus, but I have something very big going on right now that will just blow your socks off!
Please be patient with me over the next couple of weeks if I'm not posting as often as you'd like me to--I promise I'll make it up to you!

Over the past few days, I've been getting some extremely kind messages from a certain Stardoll user named BeauFemme.

After a few messages back and forth, this very complimentary girl decided not to throw another punch.

What does this prove?
Killing your 'haters' with kindness actually works.
Instead of giving these internet bullies the kind of reaction they want, leave them stunned with a simple 'thank you' or no answer at all.
After a couple days, you won't have any more nasty messages from that person in your Guestbook.

I hope you try this out!

PS: Sorry for such a short post, I'm in the process of writing a post right now that will make it up to all of you!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

Friday, 24 February 2012


ok so first we have the WHAT?!?! ....
And now for the WHY?!?! ...
(click to enlarge)
What the hell is wrong with people ... the 1st one well what exactly can i say about that!?!? and as for the second what the hell is wrong with her attitude?!? Attcking a friend of mine for absolutley no reason .. get a life the pair of ya!!!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just a foo weird bits xoxo

 Ok so i know over the years i have become quite the weirdo attracter, but this lot are just cream crackers, how the hell do they come up with this crap, are people out in the world really this crazy ...
 Ok well obviously the poor girl who this nutter is pretending to be had alot of hassle, this one can give it but cant take it back obviously ...

And these two randoms were a nice suprise when i opened my gb ... (NOT) last night i was ... watching the big bang theory in bed and eating sweets, was good but wouldnt call it amazing XD
and the second one, what the hell, pregnant um hell no!! lol and love you, do you have the wrong person or are u just retarded?? lol

Friday, 17 February 2012

A 'Naughty' Apocolypse?!

Hey everyone!

I know that it seems as though we have run dry of content to post on this blog, but let me share with you a little secret--we have more than we can handle!

When I first started writing on this blog, I didn't know many ways to track down users being inappropriate. Some of my favorite clubs to write posts about (Crush advice clubs, OrginalClub, etc.) had been deleted. OriginalClub has come back, weakened--it's not so 'Original' anymore. With less users and 'trolls' joining the club, I had much less to post about! That was when I decided to conduct a little experiment...

You all know we have a 'find friends' feature in our Stardoll chat bar.
I've used it for the traditional purpose for as long as I can remember--to get to other members' suites. With all the different usernames out there, odd spellings of common words, and number/symbol combinations in usernames, I often come up with the wrong username. Stardoll then compiles a list of users' pages I could be trying to get to.

I've realized that this function is not only useful for finding friends--it's also useful for finding enemies...

These are the results I got for users with the word 'naughty' in their usernames.
Does it need anymore explanation that that?
Twenty of 400+ search results.


Trust me, my dear readers--we're not going anywhere!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hey again guys :D How are you all? I hope you want something fed to you right? Well here it is :D

Talk about rude haha :D? Well anyway i thought you ought to know that she is a scammer too :D. Want proof? I was a victim. Last year around september i think this little pathetic girl stole my LE black and white face print sweater. I'll post up the picture proof later. :D wooo anyway bye for now haha.

Love leanne by. xx

Saturday, 11 February 2012


www.youtube.com/watch?v=29XGlYUlqfA .
So so so sorry guys that i havnt posted in a while I'll make it up to ya i promise :D. So sadly i only found one mischevious person this week D:. But i'll post it anyway, and possibly a encore :D.
Such a lovely person ehh? Well this was found in my gb after a recent death in my family. Yes this hurt me but i laughed at the fact of there name shet.niqga sorry if this affended anyone of a different race to me. (I am white) this is not aimed at anyone on this blog or anyone who reads it. Plus i also laughed at the fact that they thought it would hurt. Gosh they have no idea about how hard i am. Love Leanne xxx

Who watched Liverpool 'v' Man U today(11/02/2012)? ehh. Who gives them the right to taunt Liverpool? Good on Reina. Anyway this has nothing to do with the blog i just thought i would spread my feeling to you lovely people who read and cherish this blog everyday :). xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Top Trolling Trends!

What are the first words that come to your mind when you hear it?
Ugly, ogre-ish, repulsive, vulgar, hairy?
If you are involved in the 'Dollywood' blogosphere or even are just a proud owner of a Stardoll account, 'attention-seeker' might pop up in that list.
We, as the Stardoll community, have coined the word 'troll' to describe any annoying or anonymous 'noob' who spams more popular users to promote projects or get noticed.

One common breed of troll that I have gotten very familiar with is the 'be-friend-o-saurus rex'. Don't know what they look like? Here comes one now!

Isn't she just majestic?
*Uhmm... no?*
Yeah, I was thinking that, too.

This 'be-friend-o-saurus rex' is most commonly seen sending out raunchy requests to get real 'friendly' with some Stardoll users.
Don't be alarmed, though--one click of the block button will get rid of this one.

Wait, look over there! It looks like this 'be-friend-o-saurus rex' has a partner! You're in for a real treat today.

This one is called the 'spam-o-saurus rex'. This breed is known for incessantly commenting in people's Guestbooks or blogs (often despite explicit instructions to refrain from doing so), or 'spamming' them, asking said user to check out their suite, sale, album, sceneries, or blogs. Normally you'll see them sending out broadcasts and commenting in hundreds of Guestbooks and blogs daily.

Well isn't this a sight to see! They're walking towards each other to commence mating! Quickly, put in these earplugs.


Oh, no reason really. They're mating call is just a high-pitched shrill that could potentially burst your ear drums.


There they go! Soon you'll be able to see they're offspring. That little guy is known for spamming people's Guestbooks with raunchy comments.

~5 excruciatingly gross minutes later~

Trolls create they're offspring rather quickly compared to most other species. That's why there's so many of them. Here comes another little addition!

Just scintillating, isn't it?
*Uhmm... no?*
Yeah, I was thinking that, too.


I hope you enjoyed that little skit of sorts!
Leave a comment down below telling me what you thought of it and what you'd like to see from me in my next post.

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)

~Piper1009 would like me to let you all know that she won't be able to post until later in the week due to a recent death in her family. Please go be 'spam-o-saurus rex's' and leave her good wishes & support. She really needs it at this time. Thanks you.~

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Good news and bad ...

 Hey hunnies
how is everyone?? I personally have transformed from a sensible 22 year old, into an over excited child at the moment as we are expecting snow!! Finally!! lmao
But anyway onto other news . . . . Ill hit ya with the bad first . . .
we have a new nutbag on the loose in stardoll  . . this was the friend request, i also had gb, scenery and album comments, just a shame they were all like this . . . lol
And now for some pretty coll news, the lovely fame1234 just pointed out to me that she had googled the blog and well look at this . . .
 Ok so i know we aint the first thing searched but hey, The is one of the most common words there is so that is discounted :D
I thought it was pretty great to see and all thanks to all u lovely loyal readers <3

Boo xoxox