Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Swear Code

Moo everyone, well last night I googled the Stardoll swear code like I said I would, but all that came up was a load of different blogs. Not being traitorous or anything, I decided to take a peek...each of the blogs had something different, but I tried everything I could find and none of it would work! Dammit!

If anyone knows anything PLEASE tell me not because I wanna swear or anything I'm just so damn curious at how these loonies do it! Anyone fancy chatting up a weirdo to ask them what the code is?... No?.... Nah, thought not.

So if anyone does know PLEASE give me a whisper and I'll give you 10 gifts. Or 10sd. Or both. That's if its correct. No, I'm serious. That's how eager to know it I am. NOT because I wanna swear at people I just wanna know it. Like everyone else. 

Bye byez, Loob3 x :D :D 


  1. the code is &shy
    it works when you put it in the middle of words in clubs.

  2. No, the code is ­
    for example; gimme them fu­cking Stardollars cu­nt!!

  3. yep, it is &shy when you put it in the middle of a word. :L

  4. i know the right one!!!


    put it in middle of the word

    example: fu &#1 ck

    without spaces

  5. As of the 28th &shy doesnt work :L Stardoll blocked it