Wednesday, 25 May 2011

price crunch

Ok so lately we haven't gotton any news! but one thing i will talk about is the horrendous price of the new beach villa! 199SD!!!!! what the hell! that's all my stardoll payment! What where they thinking! I am actually poor on stardoll because they over price everything! I haven't bought a piece of clothing for weeks because i dont have the stardollars! Talk about a price crunch and don't even bother bringing up buying stardollars because i cant afford it, im poor as hell! 
Any way i think the price is really expensive even if it is at half price! im so annoyed by stardoll prices! i think we should have a protest about stardoll prices!


  1. not really im poor and i struggled to pay for that thing its crap take to consideration people arnt as fortunete as you