Sunday, 1 January 2012

''It's not fair on the other lesser known members who can't afford to spend much money on the site.''

G'day everyone. First I wanna say a BIG thankyou to the lovely floppy786 for making me this awesome new banner! I make a sexy brunette don't I? Hehe :)'s post is a little different I guess. First I want to take everyone to HERE (Basically you click the here. No not that one. The first one.) It is a blog post by someone called dizzylizzylou. Clearly some lucky peep who got the chance to write for the official Stardoll blog *sighs*. Now, have a good long hard read of that blog post. And especially look at the pictures at the bottom.

Now, before I start, I have NOTHING AT ALL against any of those members featured in the post OR the girl that wrote it. Its just an example. Basically I wanna explain how goddammed one-sided and unfair Stardoll are being. You know those featured members, right? That supposedly are the ''Superheroes of Stardoll''? Well, LOOK AT THEIR STARPOINTS. LOOK AT THE STUFF IN THEIR SUITE. LOOK AT HOW POPULAR THEY ARE. LOOK. I know CrystalsJoy is like ''The best designer on Stardoll'' and stuff but really, I bet ya that there are THOUSANDS of designers on the site that are just as good as her. And MILLIONS of girls that are just as fashionable as ''The Super Trio''. But why those? Because they're already famous, they have spent thousands of pounds worth of cash on Stardoll, and are basically just lucky. That's it, lucky.
Basically what I'm trying to prove is that why do Stardoll always favourite the ones that spend all their money on there? Just cuz their designs always get the top ten? Just because they have all the LE? Just because they spend all day on there to get the starpoints? 
I just want Stardoll to have a look at the lesser known but still very fashionable members who spend little or no money on a Superstar membership simply because they are feeling the pain of the crappy economy or have wise parents that would prefer their child to spend their money on something REAL. Because, trust me, I know the feeling when you look up at the popular members on Stardoll and have to 'live' in a suite which is basically empty and have to wear Stardoll's own brand of clothing. Its like being homeless. Its horrible. 

So....sorry for the kinda rant but its the truth, I'm sorry to say. I just wish there was no such thing as fame on Stardoll and everyone was treated the same. And that everything wasn't so bloody expensive. It makes me angry. Stardoll, as much as I love you and am addicted to you, you do love your money, don't you?
Actually I think I might start a club which gives lesser known members the chance to shine. More on that coming soon :) 

Loob3 :D x


  1. i totally agree with you...
    stardoll must change!!

  2. I'll agree to disagree on this one.

    While Stardoll does reward members who spend a lot of money on the site (eg. Starbloggers, Stardoll Royalty, etc...), it's the regular users on Stardoll that feed those famewhores.

    Blogs are started by regular members, that post was written by a regular member; we are responsible for featuring well-known members and their various projects again and again. If we all stopped talking about them and mentioning their names, they would virtually disappear (eh, eh, get that joke there? ;])!

    It's no surprise that Stardoll would reward the members that spend more on the website; it is a surprise that we revere them. You can create an even more innovative suite & outfit without all the LE in the world. If you want less-known users to be given a few moments in the spotlight, don't sit here talking about it; create that club!

  3. Yeah I guess we're all the ones that vote them covergirls and vote their designs and stuff (simply because we need the starcoins) but yeah, its like me, I can't say that I'm really that famous on Stardoll my self, I get about 20 visitors to my suite a day at the most, but thats because I'm famous for writing for this blog really. And I mean, I've been on there for nearly 4 and a half years now and I have nearly 5000 starpoints but not much LE and antidote. And I've won NCG and got 7th on the broadcast list. Once. Thats all. I just wonder how many times those featured members have won NCG. Because lets face it, CrystalsJoy is basically famous because of her designs, and the other two I don't really know about but what I'm trying to say is that they are no different to us, well maybe they've spent a little more cash on stardollars than us, but then they get all the fame. And yeah I'm gonna go make the club today :)

    By the way sorry for the kinda random sentences in this comment, I've just woken up so I guess my writing skills aren't quite top form at the moment ;) lol

    And btw I guess you are right in saying how they reward the ones that spend the most, but I spend like £80 a year on stardoll, I dunno whether thats really a lot compared to some people but I just think we should all get our fair share of fame considering how much we pay. Theres 365 covergirls in a year, it took me 750sd to get to NCG, probably like 1500 for CG, all of those broadcasts and LE that gets bought a day, just think how much money Stardoll make a day. Its unbelievable.

  4. I agree, and i have always wondered who those populars are in real life...